Things To Consider While Developing a Fitness App

Things To Consider While Developing a Fitness App

Mobile app development is the most flourishing field, and consumers using mobile apps for easing their lifestyles. You can enjoy any service from the comfort of your sofa. A lot of companies are building their apps for making vast coverage and earning more. The fitness industry is not out of this influence. You can hit the gym, while you are at your home. A lot of companies are investing in workout app development.

An app requires a strong strategy and improved management and proper monetization policy for building a strong revenue-generating user base. This article is a guideline for businesses, who are willing to develop a fitness app.

Let’s understand, what kind of app is successful, how much does it cost and what are the benefits of the fitness app, and all the relevant things to consider before hiring any fitness app development company.

Strategy and Approach of mobile app development companies

App development depends upon different factors. It is important to understand all complexities and processes before diving into development efforts. Few apps are more complex than others while the cost also rises with the functionalities. The right strategy is associated with several factors, let’s understand those:

1. Types of Apps

You need to know about different kinds of apps. Your development approach is directly associated with the type of application where the development approach changes according to the need of the project.

2. Features of the app

Which features do you want your app to have? Some features require additional hours of development which increases the cost. An additional set of features also entices more customers and makes the app more popular.

3. Approach for development

One thing you need to decide is the targeted platform? Are you looking to hire fitness app developers for Android or iOS? Are you willing to go for cross-platform app development? The platform is related to the usability and compatibility of the app. The choice of the platform directly affects the cost of app development.

4. Design

Another influential factor is the design. A decent fitness app development service includes 70 hours of engagement for perfect UI and UX. If you pay 20$ per hour on the lower end, the cost of designing may go between $1400.

5. Documentation

Apart from the functionality and design of the app, you need to focus on the tech documentation. Native mobile app requires the tech documentation for future help of developer if any maintenance and update is required. Technical documentation for any app may take 40 hours of work with the cost of $20 per hour, which may cost around $800 per hour.

6. Testing and support

Tech support is an essential element, which must be taken into consideration for evaluating the options. In the south Asian market, you may add up to $1000-$1500 for testing, where maintenance may go higher or lower upon requirements.

7. Overall cost

The cost of an app has deviated from the location of the team, targeted market, choice of platform, and other relevant factors. Few countries have higher costs of development, which makes it hard to estimate the cost. However, a rough estimate could be between $5000 and $15000.

Types of Fitness Apps

There are many kinds of apps prevalent, where you can choose the different revenue models. Choosing the right kind of app is dependent on the kind of market. It is important to resonate with the right audience. An app must relate to the customer’s requirement to make your on-demand app development effort successful. Some of the most popular kinds of fitness apps are:

1. Personal Workout app

Personal workout apps are popular, especially after the covid pandemic. More and more people are aware of the health benefits of exercise. Such apps offer interactive video sessions, text details, progress tracking features, and the estimation of calorie intake and expenditure.

2. Fitness tracking app

Fitness app development companies are focusing on tracking apps. Because these apps are lightweight and contain fewer features, downloaded more. These apps are compatible with the devices such as smartphones, fitness watches, and bracelets, where these apps inform you about your body temperature, calorie expenditure, and other information depending upon the activity you choose.

3. Scheduling app

Such an app is aimed at workout lovers. They can schedule their workout, track their progress and enjoy the activity with enthusiasts.

4. Activity Tracking apps

This is similar to a fitness tracking app. Health and fitness app developers offer this app for letting users track the kilometers they run, hours of sleep, minutes of walk, a distance of cycling, and other relevant information.

5. Nutrition app

For nutritionists and dieticians, such apps are an amazing opportunity. They can communicate with the customers and make more clients with a regular diet plan, nutrition guidance, and other relevant support.

Features of A Fitness App

Along with the above all, features are also needed to consider before on-demand app development. Features depend on the type of app you are willing to create. Here are some general features, which need to be considered:

1. Login and Registration

Users build their profile, track activity, check the progress of exercise and manage the profile. Registration and login can be done using a regular email id or social media profile.

2. Push Notification

Users stay updated to the app using push notifications. For workout schedule apps, push notifications to work great to notify users of the activity, and give a timely check on diet and steps taken for the day.

3. Gamify

This is an amazing way to keep the motivation high. Lack of motivation can be solved while the activity is done in the group. People make challenges and win awards upon completing the challenge.

4. Social network integration

When you hire a mobile app developer, API integration is also an important part to consider. An app can be integrated with social media, which allows users to post their fitness activities on social media.

5. BMI and diet guide

Users can check their BMI and can get them according to diet and workout guides. The personalization of the app is perfect for people who make some fitness target, though it may increase the cost to develop a mobile app.

6. In-app purchases

If you want to sell products on an app, eCommerce integration is pretty common in reputed apps.

Reasons to Invest

Here are some prominent reasons which make your business need an app.

1. More value to customers

When you build your app, you give more attention to customers and stay engaged with them. Fitness apps are a perfect way to personalize fitness plans and receive the push to achieve goals.

For businesses, it is a nice way to get the value of expenses.

2. Build a brand

An app offers communication and awareness to consumers. With the proper engagement, you build trust, which increases the sales and customer commitment to the brand. Users love to stay connected with the brand and a perfect app makes your brand.

3. Better revenue

All benefits of a workout app development routes to trust-building and better brand recognition. With an app, your revenue increases more, and your app gains more success.


For health and fitness-related companies, app development requires proper planning. A reliable fitness app development service makes a secure app while securing your app for all possible pitfalls. When you plan to hire mobile app developers for the same, you must give strong consideration to all the above-mentioned factors

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