The Rotary Union Should Not Be Seen as a Commodity

Rotary Union

Key Takeaways

  • Rotating fluid seals present very specific challenges that require experience and seal expertise to overcome
  • Consideration should be given to indirect costs associate with a product failure when selecting a rotary union supplier
  • Choose the option with the lowest price with great caution

Taking shortcuts can harm the reputation of your company when it comes to fluid sealing

Across all industries, equipment manufacturers depend on suppliers for critical parts and components that impact. The functionality and reliability of their products.

Choosing a supplier is a strategic decision and should be precede by defining the most important criteria for evaluating a supplier. A typical evaluation involves a combination of product quality, performance, pricing, and experience.

The mistake many businesses make is always choosing the lowest bidder.

While going with the cheapest option may make sense in the short term, “low cost” usually means low quality (both in product performance and in customer support). Which can put your company’s reputation at risk.

Know the risks of buying “Knock-off” Rotary Union products

Flattering to know that so many companies copy our products, however. It is our responsibility to educate buyers on the risks and true cost impacts of integrating low-grade components into their equipment.

It the common for these sellers to flood the market with products designed, manufactured, and assembled by those with little knowledge and expertise in rotary sealing. While they have some success when they are lucky, they mostly leave a trail of failed products and poor performance.

Please, let us know and we’ll connect you with other companies so you can hear their experiences firsthand.

Rotary unions made to an acceptable quality standard are available from reputable companies on the market. We’ve heard from too many unhappy customers (many of whom were first-time buyers with little experience with rotary unions) who were lured by extremely low cost options.

The Challenges of Fluid Sealing

The rotary unions and swivel joints in your equipment are often one of the most important and overlooked components. They are designed to provide an effective and reliable seal under pressure while transferring fluid (liquid or gas) between stationary and rotating points in your equipment.

While a rotary union seems simple. There are several factors that have a significant impact on its performance and reliability, including:

  • The type, pressure, temperature, flow rate, and filtration of the media
  • Rotational speed
  • The duty cycle and the loads applied
  • Torque limits
  • Environmental factors such as temperature, exposure, shock, and vibration
  • Intervals between maintenance and serviceability

Based on these application parameters, the right design approach and material compatibility for the shaft, housing, seals, bearings, and other components can be determine.

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