The First NFL and Crypto Partnership: The Cowboys X

The First NFL and Crypto Partnership

Since the announcement from the National Football League, the crypto world has been getting intertwined with the league. Even before the report, many sports betting platforms offer bettors the chance to place bets on NFL picks. So, it is pretty easy to kickstart your gambling journey today. 

With the numerous exciting projects in the crypto space, it is a surprise that we haven’t seen many top NFL franchises snatch up a deal with a top crypto brand. Most of the work involves individual athletes, fans, and cryptocurrency brands. It has never gotten to the teams and franchises. 

That has effectively changed as we saw the first NFL and crypto partnership happen. Dallas Cowboys and Blockchain became the first partnership between a cryptocurrency brand and an NFL team. So, we may get much more from where that came from. And betting on NFL predictions with crypto will become even more popular. 

Undoubtedly, there is more to enjoy because the partnership will bring in more sponsorship, mainly if it works out well despite the issues with the crypto market in the past few months. This year may have been insignificant, but it can get better and more deals will happen in due time.

Before then, let’s check out this exciting deal between the Cowboys and and how it would influence the league. Keep reading to learn more and find out what we think about this partnership. 

About the Partnership

The Cowboys announced that they’d had a cryptocurrency partnership with This announcement came in a joint press conference with Peter Smith, the CEO of the crypto brand. With the partnership announced in the first quarter of the year, it became the first in the NFL. 

Effectively, the Cowboys became the first NFL team to have an official crypto deal. The partnership started with the stadium and in-game activations. Therefore, fans can prepare for a unique experience through crypto and web3. It is an excellent update to the game day experience. 

Although the league approved the partnership, they are prohibited from promoting crypto directly, and fan tokens are not allowed. This deal may set the tone for a more open administration, and we may see the technology gain ground with the incredible experience it is set to offer fans and other stakeholders. 

Dak Prescott and Brand Ambassadorship

The partnership goes further, with announcing they partner with the Cowboys’ star quarterback Dak Prescott. The goal is to help propel the crypto message to a broader audience, and it will help see more people join the growing industry because of Prescott’s influence. 

The addition of Prescott to the team means there is a way more people can learn about crypto, and it will help make the technology better. You should know that this partnership will undoubtedly give us incredible growth, seeing that more people are following Prescott on various social media platforms.

We expect this type of partnership to happen because more brands will be interested in trying the industry once it works out. Both parties will benefit from this partnership, and we expect to see more incredible opportunities.

How would it Influence the League? 

There are different ways these partnerships will influence the league. We expect it to give the crypto industry more popularity among stakeholders. It will also improve the trust level despite the damages that the market has experienced in the last few months. 

The league will get more money because we can all agree that the crypto community has a lot of money that makes them attractive. It is an incredible industry that will improve the league’s cash flow. Aside from that, fan engagement will increase because more projects tailored to the league will be introduced.

Our Thoughts

This partnership will help improve the league and is a gateway to many exciting deals. The impressive part is that more people will enjoy their experience once they try this technology. There is a lot more to the deals, and we expect them to give us more great projects to make engagement more accessible and incentivize the support. 
You should know that crypto is still in its early phase, and a partnership like this is positive news for the NFL and crypto industry. It will be exciting to see what comes next and how both industries benefit from this partnership. And betting on NFL expert picks with crypto will remain popular.