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The Ecstasy Poem – An Appraisal & Critical Analysis

The Ecstasy John Donne

John Donne in this poem “The Ecstasy” highlights the dual rule of love: physical as well as spiritual. Basically, the poem deals with the relationship of the body with that of the soul in love.

Ecstasy or Extasie is the feeling of extraordinary happiness, leading to spiritual exaltation. Extasie is an old spelling of the modern word Ecstasy. Donne makes use of this feeling to explain that the essence of love does not accrue only out of the facts of life that a new soul emanates from individual souls. It makes the two lovers, man and woman realize that love is for that purpose, in its pure essence, spiritual. Donne has also dealt with the subject of love philosophically.

Love, according to Donne, is an idea, which capitalizes through the physical enjoyment of sex. He introduces an idea of astronomy in his poem and brings in angelic spirits. He tries to establish that as the heavenly bodies move with intelligence, similarly the souls are the motivating forces in human love. The soul, according to Donne, expresses itself through the body. It is a medium, which is used by the soul to achieve the consummation of love. In this way, Donne uses a religious as well as mystical experience to interpret the complexity and depth of secular love.

Who was John Donne?

Who was John Donne? An artist, researcher, and individual from parliament for a real while, Donne was additionally the senior member of St. Paul’s for a really while somewhere within the range of 1621 and 1631. A scholarly man known for his noteworthy lessons, thousands would rush to the church to listen to him talk, for it had been rarely dreary. His style was described by unexpected openings, conundrums, and even incongruities. He likewise furtively composed sexual sonnets which just circumnavigated among shut friend networks.

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