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Super Structuralism by Harland

Beyond Structures Super Structuralism by Richard Harland | Critical Analysis

Richard Harland’s book “Beyond Structures Super Structuralism”, This book is understood only by those who have the linguistic and structural study. The basic premise of the book is t...

Reading the Absurd by Joanna Gavins

Reading the Absurd by Joanna Gavins | A Review

This book “Reading the Absurd” written by Joanna Gavins was published by Edinburgh Press in 2013. At the intellectual, artistic, and literary level, the question has always been, what is n...

dreamy teen girl sitting near wet window

She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways by William Wordsworth

She dwelt among the untrodden ways Beside the springs of Dove.A maid whom there were none to praise And very few to love:A violet by a mossy stone Half hidden from the eye! Fair as a star,when only on...


Marks By Linda Pastan (Summary & Explanation)

My husband gives me an AFor last night’s supper,an incomplete for my ironing,a B plus in bed.My son says I am average,an average mother, but ifI put my mind to itI could improve.My daughter believesIn...

Rappaccini Daughter Hawthorne Nathaniel summary analysis explanation translation review

Rappaccini’s Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne (Summary & Analysis)

“Rappaccini’s Daughter” is a fantasy in English literature, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It deals with the scientific research of a well-known Dr. Rappaccini who has grown up in a...

Kubla Khan Poem By S.T. Coleridge Analysis Explanation Summary

Kubla Khan by S. T. Coleridge (An Analysis)

In the poem, “Kublai Khan” S.T. Coleridge has described his dream of a magnificent palace. The surrounding of this extraordinary place is quite romantic and mysterious. As rivers, forests,...

when i have fears john keats summary explanation analysis

When I Have Fears by John Keats (Critical Review)

Before moving toward the critical review of the famous poem “When I have Fears” written by John Keats, let us explain it. After explaining it from various perspectives and getting understa...

The Vanishing Village by RS Thomas Analysis Summary Explanation

The Vanishing Village by R.S. Thomas (An Analysis)

The poet R.S. Thomas, in this poem “The Vanishing Village”, has presented the gloomy picture of a village that has lost its hustle and bustle. There are only a few houses, one street connecting a shop...

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