Significance of TPU Films for Manufacturers

tpu films

TPU film is gaining popularity with time due to its excellent performance and environmental protection concept. Most people would like to know about its usability. And the other question that strikes readers’ minds is “Is TPU material considered as a substitute of PVC material?” Then, the answer is YES! Films made of TPU are not only used for lamination of several materials but are vacuum thermoformed for the production of products with proper contour and constant dimensions. With the introduction of domestic environmental protection awareness, the TPU application has been characterized to become more and more extensive. It is applied to the area having a faster increase rate such as shoe upper lining, thermal underwear, elastic band, and medical breathable tapes, etc. Singhal Industries have finally attempted to introduce the most efficient and effective solution in the range of TPU film.

Significance in the Footwear Industry

TPU is the material that bridges the gap between plastic and rubbers. TPU stands for Trace Polyurethane Plywood which is a polyurethane material. This material is used in many important applications such as modern-day footwear. It is even referred to as “rubberized uppers” or simply as “trampolines”. The best part of this material is its durability and exceptional stability as well as protection which are going to provide uniquely designed and high-performing products. It is characterized as a combination of lightweight and higher tensile strength to make it eligible for footwear and shoe-making application. There are several ventures where TPU plays a significant role for footwear, watches, and mechanical parts manufacturers all across the world.

Versatile Features of TPU Film for the Manufacturing Industry

  • Elasticity and durability:

TPU is considered as the replacement of long-established metal and timber lacing. This is because of its superior elasticity and durability. Moreover, the application of TPU Film even causes additional benefits of lowering the cost price of manufacture. The replacement of the traditional lacing system has a much-increased life span and even result in increased flexibility and safety which opt for the additional benefit of lowering the good ratio of the cost production. This material is used for replacement in both closed and open-toed styles to a range of footwear and foot shapes.

  • Resistive against stain:

Another important factor that influences the use of TPU in today’s market is its protection from stains and even helps the skin to remain allergy-free and irritation-free. It is known to have excellent resistance features against moisture that make it accessible to form a combination along with leather, suede, or other fabrics.  Besides all, it has the potential to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees to turn it into entirely flexible products which have no traces of thermal resistance such as in the case of waxes or oils. Therefore, it is needed to apply a protective coating of TPU to prevent damages caused to the expensive fabric when they are exposed to higher temperature fluctuations.

  • Anti-rust and anti-microbial properties:

TPU is an excellent addition to the shoe manufacturing industry because it acts as a protective layer.  Several protective coating has been introduced by several companies which vary from anti-rust to anti-microbial coating options to produce products that are more durable and can combat the fire-retardant properties. But, not all fire retardants are considered a good option for application such as clothing which can contain some type of toxic substances that get leaked into the liquid to result in some part of the finished product. TPU films opt to be the standardized alternative of fire retardant coating which finally results in a durable and cost-effective solution. Moreover, the application of this material needs to have some added benefit of offering exceptional abrasion resistance.

  • Water resistive:

There are many other uses of TPU film which has turned TPU manufacturers like Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. into one of the most prolific film-producing companies all across the world. It is found to be commonly used in gun casings, boat shells, fiberglass containers, and the lining of high-end watches. Several watch-making companies have introduced TPU lining within the watches that offer water-resistant characteristics for the watch’s case. TPU coating opts to be a great replacement for metal and steel plates and frames that serve as the essential component for the manufacture of mechanical parts like gears, pulleys, clutches plates, speedometers, and many more.

Conclusion: Thus, for all the above reasons TPU films are gradually becoming popular in the manufacturing industry. TPU can be combined with other plastic materials such as vinyl, urethane which offer low-temperature flexibility as well as high tensile strength.  In other words, urethane manufactured products allow manufacturers and designers the creation of stronger, lightweight, and durable materials. Moreover, Polyurethane Film renders higher resistance against chemicals, solvents, oil, salts as well as UV radiation. The combination of all the unique features makes it an excellent example to result in engineering innovation and shape the future of working, living, and traveling.

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