Over Thinking in Urdu Poetry – Urdu Shayari about Soch

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Urdu poetry delves deep into the intricate workings of the human mind, and few terrains are as fascinating and treacherous as the realm of overthinking. Thinking is considered as a good thing in our daily life. It gives us the decisional powers and opportunities to solve problems technically and emotionally. But, on the other hand, when you think a lot, you get sickness and headache. Your thoughts can become depression and anxiety. That’s why Mirza Ghalib in his book “Deewan e Ghalib”, wrote that: Oh My God, Thinking of past is a curse for me, Just erase my memory. In verses imbued with both lament and wisdom, poets explore the delicate dance between introspection and rumination, where achi soch (“good thought”) can blossom into a garden of contemplation, while buri soch (“bad thought”) unleashes a tangled wilderness of anxieties. in this article, we have selected various top class verses and couplets about thinking, overthinking, achi soch, buri soch, masbat and manfi soch in Urdu poetry and ghazals.

Best Urdu Poetry on Over Thinking

na sochne par bhii sochtii huu.n ki zindagaanii me.n kyaa rahegaa
tirii tamannaa ko dafn kar ke tire KHayaalo.n se duur jaa ke

mai.n bhii aisaa kahaa.n kaa zuud-shanaas
vo bhii lagtaa hai sochtii hai abhii

ra.ng is mausam me.n bharnaa chaahiye
sochtii huu.n pyaar karnaa chaahiye

shelf par rakkhii kitaabe.n sochtii hai.n raat din
ghar se daftar kaa safar kitnaa suhaanaa ho gayaa

Achi Buri Soch Pe Urdu Shayari

ab to aaraam kare.n sochtii aa.nkhe.n merii
raat kaa aaKHirii taaraa bhii hai jaane vaalaa

mai.n KHayaal huu.n kisii aur kaa mujhe sochtaa ko.ii aur hai
sar-e-aa.iina miraa aks hai pas-e-aa.iina ko.ii aur hai

is tarah pahro.n tujhe sochtaa rahtaa huu.n mai.n
merii har saa.ns tire naam likhii ho jaise

sochtaa huu.n ki us kii yaad aaKHir
ab kise raat bhar jagaatii hai

sadma to hai mujhe bhii ki tujh se judaa huu.n mai.n
lekin ye sochtaa huu.n ki ab teraa kyaa huu.n mai.n

kabhii kabhii mai.n ye sochtaa huu.n ki mujh ko terii talaash kyuu.n hai
ki jab hai.n saare hii taar TuuTe to saaz me.n irti.aash kyuu.n hai

Thoughts in Urdu Ghazal

One strand of Urdu poetry celebrates the power of mindful reflection. Achi soch, like a gentle rain on parched soil, nourishes the soul and sparks creativity. Achi soch is also known as Masbat soch (positive thought) in Urdu language. It urges us to ponder life’s mysteries, delve into the essence of emotions, and appreciate the beauty hidden in everyday moments.

Sochnay Pe Urdu Shayari has a lot about mind’s actions and taking the decisions using emotions. In the romantic space of mind, we have an expert poet Wasi Shah. Alongside him, a famous Pakistani poet Farhat Abbas Shah has wrote very clear poetry about monkey mind illness. Urdu quotes like “Sochna insaan ki fitrat hai, soch samajh kar chalo” (“Thinking is the nature of man, walk after comprehending”) resonate with this sentiment, highlighting the importance of harnessing the power of thought for self-understanding and growth. Thoughts are the basic building blocks of our character. We are what we think. That’s why we should think positively and do accordingly without damaging anyone’s heart.

How Poetry can Reduce Overthinking?

But overthinking, like a weed choking a flower, can distort this delicate balance. Do no think so much, it will kill you. Neither can you change your past, nor can you modify your future. The present moment is only living moment you have. Just focus on today, and walk accordingly. Urdu shayari paints vivid pictures of buri soch, where the mind becomes a prisoner of endless loops of negativity. Doubts spiral into anxieties, past regrets bloom into thorns, and imagined futures cast long shadows of fear.

Best Urdu poetry on manfi bad soch captures this inner turmoil, urging us to recognize the insidious nature of these mental weeds and uproot them before they suffocate our peace. If you want peace of mind, you will have to get rid of overthinking. There is a lot of poetry in Urdu language that can enhance your capability of reducing your unwanted thoughts. Experts say that 80% of our thoughts are useless. They are just wandering around the circle of our ego. We should remove them from our minds and do not care of their existence. This is the only way we can make our lives better.

Thoughtful poems in Urdu offer antidotes to this mental poison. They remind us that sochna (“thinking”) should be a tool for exploration, not entrapment. Sochnay pe quotes like “Soch ko aazad chhodo, woh khud hi rasta dikhayega” (“Let your thoughts be free, it will show you the way itself”) encourage us to release the mind from its self-imposed shackles and trust in its innate ability to navigate the labyrinth of emotions.


Urdu poetry thus becomes a companion on this internal journey. By weaving threads of wisdom and insight, it helps us distinguish between achi soch and buri soch, offering solace for the tormented and guidance for the lost. The poetry we shared in the above lines, is based on the commands to nurture your mind. Keep the good thoughts and get rid of bad thoughts. What you think is what you do in your life. The already discussed couplets will provide you energy to pass on. In its verses, we find not only solace from the burden of overthinking, but also the courage to embrace the power of a well-directed mind, one that walks the path of introspection with clarity and grace.