Invest In Gojek Clone KingX 2022 Equipped With New Features & Components

Multitasking is not everyone’s cup of tea especially if you are running a multiple service business. 

It makes it time-consuming and requires a lot of resources to hand lever every business segment.  Well, what if we tell you that you can handle your entire business operation from a single app? Not believing? Gojek Clone App is one hell of a Super App that takes care of your business from the dashboard itself.

This means you need not have an infrastructure to run your business, hire resources, etc. Hence, your entire business is at your fingertips. 

Entrepreneurs have struggled for years to manage many on-demand services under one roof. Hence, GoJek app was launched in the market to give a solution for them. Do you want to offer a variety of on-demand services from a single app? By combining transportation, food delivery, courier delivery, and other hyper-local services into a single app like Gojek, you’ve hit a home run.

What Make Gojek Clone The “Super App” For Every Solution?

It is a 100% white-label solution

After you finalize the Gojek Clone App, it will be customized with your logo and name, making you the sole owner of the app.

The app comes with the “toggle availability”

If you simply want to provide a limited range of services, you can utilize the toggle mode to do so while leaving the rest disabled.


The software is highly scalable, adjusting rapidly to any future modifications you wish to make.

What Kind Of Multi-services Comprises In Gojek Clone 2022

Transportation — Under one roof, the multi-service app offers various modes of transportation, from ride-hailing, Uber-like Taxi Rentals to Moto rentals and bike taxis.

On-demand delivery (store-based)- With just a few taps, consumers may order food from their favorite eateries. Additionally, the app assists end-users in delivering anything to their preferred destinations from anywhere, including groceries, couriers, and more.

Hyper-local services — Allows users to schedule on-demand services from local service providers, ranging from massage to beauty, using the app.

Service bid – Users can submit task details through this component and request bids from Service Providers in real-time. Therefore, helping your users to make informed decisions on the basis of the bid’s cost, previous work, reviews, and rating. Furthermore, this component also allows your users to book appointments.

Online video consultation – Users can post tasks on the Apps for Service Providers to bid on. This component enables users to make informed decisions based on cost, past work, reviews, and ratings. Hence, the component allows users to book services. Book appointments, consultations, and make payments through the app. Thus, the component saves time, money, and most importantly protects you from contracting a deadly virus.

Developing An App Like Gojek Clone 2022

Developing an on-demand app like Gojek is among the most innovative startup ideas available today. The GoJek Clone app is a powerful tool for capturing consumers’ attention and growing your brand in the on-demand sector. 

Therefore, choose a Mobile App Development that offers a high-quality, feature-rich app at a reasonable price. Our experts will assist you in creating a clone app that meets your business needs. Customizations and changes in the future are also simple. The app will work smoothly across multiple platforms.

Isn’t it intriguing? Our Gojek Clone Solution 2022 is ready to bring the entrepreneur in you to life hence allowing you to establish your own mega-dollar business in just one week.

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