Interesting facts about flowers

facts about flowers

Flowers accompany a person’s life both on holidays and on weekdays. Agree that without them we would be bored and uncomfortable. With beautiful bouquets, a newborn is greeted upon discharge from the hospital, they are presented for every birthday, original compositions for a wedding are assembled from flowers. Mourning events are not complete without them, seeing off a person on his last journey.

And it is worth saying that such attention to these plants arose from ancient times. In ancient Greece, flowers were attributed a divine origin. Hindus considered them the best gift for a respected person. Around the world, you can collect a huge amount of interesting facts related to these delicate and fragile gifts of nature.

We talked to the florists of the flower delivery service in Rivne to share with you interesting facts from the plant world.

Careful about roses


To date, orchids no longer surprise anyone. But few people know that they grew up in prehistoric times, being, in fact, the same age as dinosaurs. The approximate “age” of orchids is about 145 million years.


This flower is perceived by many as the most budgetary in terms of price. Meanwhile, in the 17th century in Holland, its bulbs were sold at a crazy price. For a few of these plants in those days, you could buy a huge house in a prestigious area.


An incredible number of myths and legends have been created about this flower. If you put them all together to publish a book, then the publisher will have to release a whole multi-volume.


The name of this noble and proud flower was given by Pliny the Elder, a writer from the times of Ancient Rome. Even then, he saw that the plant is very similar to the weapons of gladiators. By the way, in translation, the word Gladius means a sword.

How many interesting things, and even fabulous ones, are fraught with flowers. These beautiful and tender creatures have been loved, appreciated and cherished by people at all times. At the same time, if desired, everyone can replenish the piggy bank of knowledge about them regularly.

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