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In New York, What are the Leading Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries?

Slip and Fall Injuries?

Wearing a right running shoes is during training or exercise is needed in order to avoid accidents. A slip and fall accident can be caused by nature and it can occur anywhere, anytime, and to anybody. However, there are specific hazardous conditions that increase the risk of having a slip-and-fall accident. These types of accidents can be dangerous, especially when you aren’t expecting them. It can lead to serious injuries. Property owners are required to properly maintain their premises by removing any hazardous conditions that may harm their customers or visitors.

Hazardous conditions that can cause slip and fall accidents include:

Icy sidewalks

During winter, New York can be covered in snow for a long. Unsalted or un-shoveled walkways can cause pedestrians to fall and sustain injuries. It is the duty of the tenants and building owners to clear ice and snow from their walkways and sidewalks to protect pedestrians, their customers, and visitors who are coming to their property. If they don’t then it can lead to serious damage to the victim. It’s suggested to be careful while walking around on the ice in case there is an unsalted sidewalk. But the property manager must make sure that these sidewalks are walkable as it is expected that tenants will be coming in and out.

Dangerous wires and cables

If there are wires and cables laid across an area where a lot of people pass through, it can pose a danger to them. For example, a cable can cause someone to trip and fall on the floor. If the floor is carpeted, the victim may sustain only minor wounds. However, if the victim falls on tile, concrete, or outside, then they could sustain catastrophic injuries. The property owner should tape down cables, extension cords, and other wires and also put warning signs to alert customers and visitors about the wires. This will help avoid any future conflict and keep people safe.

Slippery surfaces

Convenience stores and grocery stores usually have spilled from dropped merchandise, spilled beverages, and ice machines. Moreover, the floors can become wet if people come inside with snow and rain on their shoes or umbrellas. Furthermore, the floors can become wet if the custodians are waxing or mopping the floors. The building owners should clean the floors after hours to reduce the risk of accidents. In addition, they should put warning signage to alert the customers that the floors are wet.

Uneven sidewalks

People expect sidewalks to be flat and even. However, uneven sidewalks with broken concrete can cause pedestrians, joggers, or runners to fall unexpectedly and potentially suffer from broken bones, blunt force trauma, and severe cuts. Uneven sidewalks are more dangerous in the dark for older adults and children. Marking these uneven sidewalks with bright paint for the day and light-reflecting tape at night can help alleviate any future damage.

Falls on public transportation

Falls are unfortunately very common in trains, subways, buses, and other public transit. Many buses and trains only have standing room, especially during rush hours. Therefore, when the vehicle suddenly jolts and causes you to lose your balance, you could fall on other people, get trampled on, or hit your head on the handrails or metal seats. It’s best to hold on tight to the provided handles if you must stand. And to be cautious when you are moving on the train in case there is a sudden stop.

Can I file a lawsuit?

If you have been hurt in a trip, slip, and fall accident, you may incur accident-related expenses like medical expenses. The good news is you can recover compensation after the accident by filing a premises liability lawsuit with the assistance of personal injury lawyers. Such lawyers will be able to assess the situation and see if there is a strong case. If there is, they will be able to reach out to any party that is responsible for the accident. If they were liable, they will have to be responsible for compensating for any damages.


Some of the leading causes of slip-and-fall accidents include uneven sidewalks, slippery floors, missing handrails, icy sidewalks, and dangerous obstacles like wires and cables. If you sustain injuries because of any of these hazardous conditions, you can take legal action against the property owner or tenant. Hiring a competent attorney will ensure that you get the justice you deserve.

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