Important Things About Business Culture of China


Chinese business culture is to a great extent affected by Confucianism. In this way, essentially, the Confucian idea of Guanxi implies that a relationship network is critical and in light of the upsides of fortitude, unwavering ness, humility, and politeness. Second, the order in China, both in business and security, is simply vertical and profoundly regarded. Third, Chinese individuals will be mindful so as to conceal any hint of failure to secure individual notorieties, impact, and respect. A portion of these qualities have dialed back in the course of the last decade and current Western business approaches are making progress.

Chinese individuals frequently look for long-haul connections and make relations as opposed to arranging contracts. Carelessness to develop an individual premise of a business relationship may incite an inability to meet business destinations. Building up the relationship can endure from a few days to a while. It incorporates formal gatherings just as home visits, solicitations to wear occasions, long suppers, and beverages.

1. Always accept business cards with both hands, as it is a way of showing respect. Exchanging business cards is an important part of Chinese business culture.

2. Do remember that it is considered impolite to say ‘No’ to anything therefore, avoid giving any negative answer directly. You can use ‘maybe’ or ‘we will see’ instead.

3. If you’re thinking of bringing a gift while going to a business meeting in China, skip this part. Exchanging gifts is not acceptable in Chinese business culture, as it may be seen as a bribe.

4. Always enter a room according to your rank which means that the most senior person enters the room first. Keep this in mind while doing business in China.

5. Do remember that business is not limited to the boardroom only when it comes to China. Be prepared for extending meetings outside the office.

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