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How to Hire and Find Blockchain Developers

Cryptocurrency Blockchain Developers

Nowadays, there is a great demand for blockchain developers, and most businesses spend a significant amount of time attempting to discover and employ qualified programmers for their projects. According to the Upwork freelancing portal, the demand for such specialists, including developers, engineers, and ICO advisors, has surged by 35% in the last year. According to outsourcing firms, the number of clients looking to hire blockchain developers has increased by 700% since January 2017, and familiarity with blockchain is required for 40% of all development roles.

Describe a blockchain

A distributed ledger that is immutable is all that a blockchain is. It forms the basis of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Blocks of fresh data are added to the ledger. Only a unanimous vote among all the participating machines on the blockchain network may approve new blocks.

Some key functions of a blockchain developers

5 websites where we can find blockchain developers

Blockchain developers are available for hiring much like other software engineers on a variety of freelance websites. The most well-known sites with a huge talent pool are and Toptal, where you may locate and hire the top blockchain engineer for your project.


Enter a phase of decentralization with Optymize’s Blockchain Solution and revolutionize the way your organization runs. Embrace blockchain for your organization to improve transparency, security, speed, and efficiency across all of your activities.

  1. Toptal 

Toptal is a global network of experts and independent contractors. Only the top 3% of applicants are hired here after passing their rigorous assessments. If your project needs blockchain talent, we strongly suggest Toptal1.

  1. BountyOne

Blockchain freelancers and businesses can connect on the freelancing and crowdsourcing platform BountyOne. It links those looking to pay independent contractors in cryptocurrencies. 

  1.  X-Team

X-Team is the place to go if you’re seeking devoted software professionals from an organization dedicated to your project. Use their services if you want flexible and scalable development teams, enthusiastic staff, and a straightforward pricing method.

  1. CodementorX

Since they are known to work on a variety of projects across several websites, it can be challenging to gather blockchain engineers in one location. Talented blockchain professionals have been gathered by CodementorX and are ready for any project.

Following are the 6 steps to hiring the finest blockchain developer: (500 words)

Step 1. Determine Your Blockchain Business Strategy

Find a pertinent business plan in the first phase. Your company’s strategy will often be based on one of two possibilities, depending on the kind of talent you require

Option 1. Build your blockchain technology

If you’re going to design your blockchain technology, search for a blockchain developer who is multidimensional and has a quick, innovative mind. C++ knowledge is required.

Option 2: Create “Soft Applications” on top of a Blockchain application already in existence.

A blockchain developer with experience in GO or Java is needed for this option. Choose a blockchain engineer who is very knowledgeable about distributed ledgers.

Step 2: Plan out your blockchain development in Hiring Techniques 

Make a decision regarding the type of working arrangement you will provide before hiring a blockchain engineer. Your business strategy and budget will determine whether you hire local full-time personnel for your own office or hire remote employees.

Step 3: Understand the Different Blockchain Position Types 

Blockchain talent can be categorized in different ways. Before creating a blockchain team, you need to become familiar with the following main position types.

Step 4: Make Sure Your Blockchain Developers Have the Core Skills You Require

Step 5: Identify the Salary Ranges for Blockchain Developers

Step 6: Suggestions for a recruitment strategy

Selecting a blockchain development firm

Optymize simplifies the recruiting process for businesses and gives a platform for eligible applicants to demonstrate their skills.

More information will aid in better determining the needed skills. Following receipt of your project description, our in-house team of specialists will analyze it, contact you to understand your specific needs better and answer any questions you may have. Optymize will take care of your demands and fulfill all of your expectations.

After you’ve found and accepted suggested prospects, you’re ready to incorporate them into your team, just like your current workers. Optymize talent is typically deployed remotely, however, arrangements can be made for on-site deployment.


If your firm wants to capitalise on the blockchain revolution, now is the moment to make some critical decisions. Blockchain software development is a fundamental technology that has the potential to alter processes and the way businesses conduct transactions. This type of change needs both time and resources, not to mention the expertise and knowledge of people with the necessary skills and experience.

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