How to acquire BIS License in India

Consumer safety is not the first concern that it’s in the mind of the manufacturer; it’s making profit. Thus, the government has to create something that could compel manufacturers to make products that adhere to particular safety standards. Those standards are defined by the Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS.

Under the BIS rules, every manufacturer has to obtain BIS license in India if the product he produces comes under mandatory BIS list. If the manufacturer doesn’t obtain the license, they won’t be allow to partake in manufacture or sale of those products.

So, how does one get BIS License in India? Like all the business certification processes, getting this license too involves three things:

  1. The applicant
  2. The application
  3. The documents
  4. And, the authority

The applicant: The one who has to apply for BIS license number in India

The applicants of BIS license numbers are both the domestic manufacturers who want to sell their products in India, and the foreign manufacturers that want to export products in India.

The application to obtain BIS license in India

The application of BIS license is filed via the online portal by both domestic and foreign manufacturers. That being said, for foreign manufacturers, its’ the standard BIS portal that provides the application. In case the manufacturer is domestic, the application portal is Manak Online.

The rest of the process of BIS license is as follows:

  1. Creating a login at the online BIS portal.
  2. Gathering the documents that are required for the process
  3. Filling the online application form and uploading the documents when the prompts within the application ask you to.
  4. Once the application is filed, the BIS starts its assessment.
  5. If the assessment turns out no errors in your application or your documents, the BIS will send an inspector at your manufacturing facility.
  6. The inspector, after assessing your facility, will draft a report,
  7. If the report states that your facility adheres to the IS standard that BIS requires, you’ll obtain the BIS license number.

The documents that you require to obtain the BIS license

The documents required to obtain BIS license differ based on the product you’re trying to get the certification for. However, most general ones among these documents remain the same:

  1. Certificate of incorporation of your business entity
  2. MOA and AOA of your company
  3. Technical specification document of the product you’re seeking certification for.
  4. List of raw materials that the product is made of.
  5. A document detailing the finer points of IS standard that you think your product adheres to.

The authority that provides the BIS certificate

The BIS license details explicitly state that it’s the Bureau that provides you the certification. that being said, just providing the correct combination of application, documents and assessment won’t always grant you the license.

You also need to pay the BIS license fees, and check the BIS license status on a regular basis. BIS policies often change, and often without informing anyone. Thus, in order to obtain the license from the authority, you need someone who can keep up with the change. Someone:

  1. Who can act as your representative
  2. Who can foresee the additional requirements that the Bureau can ask for.
  3. Who can provide you assistance with BIS license acquisition from start to finish.

In simple terms, you need BIS consultants to assist you.

Reach out to us if you find need of such consultants.

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