Here Are 7 Things to Look Out for While Preparing for Your CNA Examination

CNA Examination

The CNA practice exam is essential because it represents the culmination of all your hard work and commitment, making you a Certified Nursing Assistant. You must know certain things before attempting to pass the examination. Some of the things you need to know include the purpose of taking your CNA examination, how it will help you in your career, and more about what you need to study.

Also, the cna practice exam competency covers clinical skills and conceptual knowledge. To get the certification, you have to pass both sections. Also, each state has its rules, so ensure you know your state’s requirements and adhere to the guidelines. 

Here are things you must look out for a while preparing for your CNA practice exam.

1. Take Practice Tests

Taking a CNA practice exam will help you understand the test format and structure. CNA practice tests allow you to find out what material you know well and where you have to study more. You can get CNA exams from Amazon and at public libraries. Furthermore, you can take a free cna practice test, which contains real-life questions to help determine if you are well prepared for the exam. 

The CNA test includes a written exam with 60 multiple questions and a clinical skills test in that you have to perform some nursing tasks in front of the evaluator. The advantage of taking this fee practical test, it will help you prepare well and pass the written part of the exam.

To get started, you’ll need to find a cna practice test that aligns with your state’s requirements. Next, print out copies of the question bank and work through them. Once You complete all the questions in the list, review your answer sheet and see how you did.

If there are any questions you got wrong or feel you need to answer better, mark them and review them again before taking another practice exam.

2. Do Your Research 

Ensure you research to learn what you expect from the exam. You’ll get questions designed to test your technical knowledge, while other questions are meant to test your intuition and empathy of life as a cna.

Furthermore, you must understand all the material before taking the exam. It will help you ensure that your answers are correct and keep your anxiety levels down on exam day.

Research lets you know the examiner’s questions on the test. You then prepare for them ahead of time by working through sample questions. Also, practice answering the right questions until they become second nature.

3. Keep to Your Schedule

Ensure you set up a schedule and treat study time like a necessary appointment. It is because passing your exam the first time is a priority, so dont wait until last minute study. Try to remove all distractions, and be sure you’re comfortable and able to focus.

You’ll also have to get enough rest, eat well, and make time for exercise. It’s vital that you don’t get too stressed out—stress can lead to anxiety and panic attacks, making it more difficult for you to think and stay calm during the test.

Besides, try not to take on too much at once. Break up your study sessions into smaller chunks if you’re studying for many tests. Then review what you’ve learned before moving on to the following material section. This way, instead of cramming everything into one long session, you’ll focus better when it counts: during the exam itself.

4. Study on the Go

When it comes to studying for the CNA practice test, there are many ways to go about it. Ensure that you’re looking in a place where you can focus, and that doesn’t have lots of distractions.

If you like reading books, try getting an e-reader so you can download books onto it—that way, when you’re on the bus or waiting in line at the grocery store. You can be reading instead of having your attention taken up by your phone or other devices.

5. Work in Groups

When preparing for your CNA examination, it can be helpful to get together with those preparing to take the cna practice exam. You can use the same study materials and quiz each other on the subject matter. As long as you stay focused on the topic for an agreed amount of time, study groups can be an effective way to prepare. 

You can also review each other’s answers and see how well they did before you answer the questions yourself. It will help you become more familiar with the information you are learning and prepare you for the test.

Consider joining an online study group. These groups can help you stay motivated and focused on your studies and offer support during difficult times. Many of these groups will also have experts who can answer questions and help you through any challenges during your preparation process.

6. Avoid Cramming

The CNA examination is a comprehensive test that requires you to know more about different subjects. That’s why it’s essential to study in a way that helps you keep informed and make it your own.

Cramming will only make your brain feel like mush before the exam. Instead, try to study over time to learn how to organize your knowledge and connect it to other concepts.

7. Revise As You Study

When you memorize information, try to make it stick in your brain. During revision, you review the material, not storing it away and hoping it sticks. If a piece of information isn’t sticking with you, try checking that material again before moving on to something new.

Revising will help ensure that all the information gets into your long-term memory and stays there once the exam is over and you enjoy working in life as a CNA.

Wrap Up

Ensure you do practice tests, research well, and study in groups before retaking the CNA practice test. Following these rules will make you pass on the first try. Remember that you are only allowed to make three attempts at passing the test, and to do that, studying from a reliable source is best to ensure quality education. 

Also, what you learn from a reliable source is up-to-date with your state’s guidelines for the CNA program. After getting your test results and determining that you have failed, don’t give up on becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. If you forgot the written test, review the material and study harder for the next attempt.