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Get More Inquiries Via Google Screened: Boost Customer Confidence!

Google Screened

The decision to hire a company for your business can be difficult. After all, every service provider in the search results looks similar. And it’s hard to tell which one will provide you with trustworthy work at an affordable price? Unfortunately, this problem faces both customers and potential employees alike as they try to determine who is best suited for their needs without having any information about these businesses available. Other than what appears online or through word-of-mouth referrals from friends/family members.

Google is always looking for ways to improve the way people and businesses do business. The company’s newest program aims at boosting customer confidence in professional service providers like law firms, financial planners, or real estate agents. By providing them with tools that help educate potential clients on what they need before hiring you!

Google Screened: What is it?

The launch of Google Guaranteed was prompted by the need to boost confidence in local service providers. Businesses that passed background checks received a badge indicating they were approved and trustworthy. This leads more customers into believing these companies are qualified for all your cleaning needs.

Google offers a guarantee to customers who book services through Local Service Ads. If you’re not satisfied with your contractor’s work, just open up a claim and they’ll cover it up to $2k!

Google Guarantee Program: Benefits

Google guarantees customer protection and business success by providing an assurance that its provider is trustworthy. The guarantee badge also allows businesses to get in front of potential buyers with Local Search Ads, which leads them to more sales opportunities!

Google introduced the Google Guarantee program, designed to help professional service providers grow their businesses. The platform offers support and resources for account managers who are looking into expanding beyond just HVAC work or plumbing services.

Google Screened: Introduction

The process by which Google screened works is almost identical to its predecessor, with some key differences. Businesses must pass extensive personal and business-level background checks in order for them to become eligible sellers on the platform. They also have access only to limited advertising opportunities through local search ads while maintaining their screening status (more about this later).

With Google Screened, you can be confident that your business will have every necessary check passed before it’s featured on the search engine. A badge confirmation ensures customers, as well as potential leads and vendors alike, are working with a professional who has been vetted by themselves – not just anyone!

Who is Eligible for the Google Screened Program?

The goal of this program is to help businesses that fall into one or more specific categories, namely attorneys and financial planners. For example, real estate agents would be eligible if they offered professional services in those fields as well. Though there’s no strict necessity for them to be included on the eligibility list at all!

To be accepted into the program, your company must meet several criteria. It is required to have a passing business-level check and owner verification process. But Google will also conduct various license checks. Depending on what type of businesses they think could benefit from this opportunity as well as if any employees might try taking advantage while working at their own establishment (again it depends). There is one more requirement before being eligible for entry: 3 stars or higher rating out of 5-star reviews online!

Should You Apply for the Google Screened Program?

Following are the reasons for this:

1. Your customers will be more likely to trust and buy from you when they see the “Google Screened” badge beside your listing in Local Services ads. It makes it easier for them since there’s no need of scrolling down all the way until the bottom. Where other businesses are advertising their service offers too!

2 . You can use this opportunity by running local search campaigns. Because Google places these listings at the top center with glowing colors. So people who visit at first glance would click on what interests them most. Without even realizing that another advertiser has similar products/services available.

3. Google is testing out a new badge on the Google My Business profile that will only be available for those with screened backgrounds. This potentially exciting development could lead to an even better ranking in search engine results. But it’s still too early to tell what impact this has had. Or if there are any plans of expanding access beyond just GMB listings at present time so keep your eyes peeled!

What does being Google screened mean?

Google Screened professionals have gone through a rigorous screening process that includes background checks and licensing verifications conducted by Local Services Ads, our trusted partners, or state/regulatory bodies. This ensures your ad will be seen only by those who need it!

Google Guaranteed – What does it mean?

Google has a program called ‘Google Guaranteed’, which helps customers vet businesses before they get too deep into their purchase. If you see the badge on any website, then there’s some assurance that if anything goes wrong with your product or service in any way – google will take care of it!

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