Don’t Miss the Chance to Learn About “Geiger: Ground Zero” at the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con!

San Diego

It was recently announced that Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank will be hosting a booth at the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con to highlight their upcoming new Geiger comic series! This news has been met with major applause throughout the industry, as the original “Geiger” comic was one of the most lauded and respected comics of its type in recent years. If you’re a major Johns fan or loved “Geiger,” you should do whatever you can to get to this event and see what it has to offer.

What the Event Has in Store

On July 19 to July 23, Frank and Johns will be at the San Diego Convention Center discussing the release of “Geiger: Ground Zero,” a new expansion on their exciting and successful “Geiger” series. Set in the “Unnamed Universe” after a devastating nuclear war, “Geiger” expanded beyond basic post-apocalyptic storylines to include more personalized and fascinating stories. 

As a result, the comic was an almost immediate hit and resulted in several expansions, including “Junkyard Joe” and “Redcoat.” These two comics added more characters and expanded the “Unnamed Universe” even further. Well, Johns and Frank are not guys that sit on their laurels for too long and who enjoy continuing to push the envelope even further. 

Attendees at this event will get to talk with Johns and Frank about the new series and learn more about what it has to offer. This limited series will showcase Geiger throughout a variety of environments and situations as he fights to protect his family. Will we see more of Junkyard Joe and Redcoat? That may depend on fan reaction to things like the new television series

Why Does This Comic Matter? 

Comics are no longer simple escapism: even a story like “Geiger” has connections with reality that make it important and worth exploring. For example, “Geiger” discusses important lessons about family and what people are willing to do to protect themselves. It also highlights concerns like how far a person is willing to go to stay safe and whether it’s right to kill in order to save yourself and others. 

Great literature and comics should be included in this heading, always tackling the big issues head-on and provide insights into reality. “Geiger” might just seem like an exciting fantasy with little grounding in reality, but it gives people an insight into the unique challenges of the world around them.

Comics Give Readers a Unique Insight Into Reality 

The best comic creators, like Johns and Frank, use comics not just as escapism but as a positive force in society. For example, they often use in-depth and fascinating storylines to highlight interesting realities about the world around us. Could something like “Geiger: Ground Zero” really happen? Absolutely! Reading about it in this way can help prepare you for it by giving an insight into the kind of issues that might arise in such a devastating situation.