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Does the Health Insurance cover the contagion by Coronavirus?

Health insurers facilitate access to medical care for those who show symptoms of a possible infection in private medical centers that are included in the medical chart of insurers.

Even in such exceptional circumstances as this Coronavirus pandemic, Health Insurance continues to cover people with Coronavirus and this has been confirmed by the insurance sector employer, UNESPA.

In fact, insurers have already announced that they will serve their policyholders in the event of a pandemic, a circumstance that is included as an exclusion in some policies. Therefore, in that sense we can rest easy. 

How does Health Insurance cover those affected by Coronavirus?

Health insurers offer complementary coverage to the Public Health System. Currently, more than 10 million people in Spain are insured, of which 8.4 million have both public and private healthcare. 

Many of these insured persons have the right to Public Health, but they decide to contract a private Health Insurance to complement the benefits of the National Health System and to benefit from the advantages of Medical Insurance .

All people who prefer to be cared for by Private Health, can receive health care in private medical centers in two ways:

Medical chart

They can go to receive assistance at the centers agreed with their insurance that make up the medical chart attached to their policy. Here you can find more information about the Health Insurance modality of the medical chart .


The Health Reimbursement model gives the insured the freedom to choose the medical center or specialist they want, without having to be part of the medical chart of their Insurance.

The insurer here reimburses the client for the cost of the consultation, medical test or treatment that has been carried out in full or in a percentage. This post can help you learn more about Health Insurance with reimbursement .


On the other hand, the Insurance also serves 1.8 million policyholders who come from mutual benefit societies of Public Administration officials, who have the same medical care and coverage in private centers as in public centers.

Private medical centers treat coronavirus patients

These people, if they go to a private center for a possible case of Coronavirus, will also be treated, although later the system can refer them to another public hospital.

Coronavirus patients who come to the emergency room in a private hospital are treated with the same professionalism as in a public medical center.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that COVID-19 is not just any virus, and that is why the Health Authorities have established protocols and precautionary measures in hospitals in the care of patients with Coronavirus , which also affect medical centers private.

In this way, although the private hospitals arranged with the insurers are not part of the public network, the protocols established by the health authorities in the treatment of possible infected are the same.

Does Life Insurance cover the Coronavirus?

Another issue that also worries many people has to do with Life Insurance and coverage of the deceased by COVID-19 .

In this sense, it should be noted that Risk Life Insurance covers death from any cause . There are insurers that include death due to epidemics or pandemics in their exclusions, something that we are experiencing with the Coronavirus. Although, in principle there are no problems to collect Life Insurance in this situation.

In addition, from UNESPA they have confirmed that the Insurances are complying in a timely manner with the corresponding compensation for the cases of deceased insured by coronavirus and delivering the insured amounts to the designated beneficiaries.

In any case, if you have questions about your case, you can always contact your insurer or your insurance broker to find out about the coverage of your Health or Life Insurance. And if you are not convinced, you can always change and hire a cheap Life Insurance that gives you the greatest peace of mind in these difficult days.

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