Business Hurdles for Married Couples and How to Overcome Them?

Business Hurdles for Married Couples and How to Overcome Them?


George and I were happily married for 3 years. We had 2 kids as well. Their names were John and Anna.

 Our story started as business partners. Initially, we did lots of efforts, made lots of agreements, to make our venture successful. I am going to take you all through the journey, which was very dramatic and challenging:

1.      Work-Life Balance:

In the early days, when we started, George and I spent hours together, working on our business. I may admit that we both used to lose our temper.

We used to move to different rooms, reevaluate our proposals. Come back smiling, and then discuss the pros and cons, with each other. Then make it a final draft.

We were very busy; it was hard to take a rest. George and I used to go for late evening meetings, with suppliers and clients.

 I used to work, with George to meet deadlines. Things were getting out of control.

Then one day, we sat together, to streamline our daily routine.

 I spend some time at home, nursing the kids, go to the hospital for vaccinations. But mentally, I was in the office.

We had arguments, and our relationship was not going well. Both our professional and personal lives were at stake. It was a bitter reality, we both faced, we were just characters of best romance novels.

We soon defined our roles and limits. This made our lives easier to manage.

2.      Communication

This was vital, we spent most of the time together, there was an overlapping of our roles. George and I, always, have had disagreements, over our mutual responsibilities. But we kept the door open, for talking to each other.

This helped to listen and understand each other better. Sometimes, when George was shaving, I used to pop in, and discuss, our proposals, for furniture, we need to change at home.

Furthermore, George used to hug me and used to ask me about our next step for our company.

3.      Delegation of responsibilities


We agreed, that office-related approvals will be handled by George, and any major decision, for home, will be taken by me. Although, we also talked to each other, took each other in confidence.

We also had a detailed discussion, on the advantages and disadvantages of a decision. It was a must step, that we took together, after so many heated arguments. George and I used to help each other in this regard. I used to see him, whenever, there was an important meeting.

 On the other hand, George also used to come over, if I was stuck at home, confused about any child-related issue, like when John and Anna, were crying for long or were not sleeping. George and I used to sing together, to put them to sleep.

4.      Behavior in Office

We had set limits in office, not to joke around, with each other. We also spoke to each other, professionally.

We also made sure, that our problems were not reflected in our office. In this way, everything was done in a well-set way.

5.      Reading Books

On weekend, we used to sit in the living room.  Each one of us had one of the best books for starting a small business.

We discussed in detail, the experiences, successes, and failures of the authors. We list down the valuable lessons, which helped us, in the making our company, reach the next level.

 We also had our reports, ready, to understand, our current standing. In this way, we had a deep understanding of decisions.

We reviewed from time to time, our efforts and their results, to optimize our operations and profit maximization.

6.      Impact of Decisions that went wrong

At times, our decisions, at our company level, sometimes backfired, for example, we made up our mind to purchase products, which turn out to be not so successful, in the end. Many clients complained about the quality, product specifications variations.

This was a little difficult to handle. We controlled our nerves, and never played the blame game.

We took feedback, from the clients, and bought from other suppliers, and waited for the client’s response.

Once we felt, that it was up to mark, we made further purchases. So again, we handled it in a way, which produced a better outcome.


We came a long way, to achieve success as couples, and on a professional level. It was never easy. We worked together, in both difficult times. We supported each other. We consoled each other when we meet unexpected results.

We also celebrated with our team and children our successes. We appreciated each other, and our team, to achieve better results. Well done George, you’re my honey.

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