A Bird In Hand


Holding Just One Bird In Your Hand

No, no, not worth ‘two in the bush’ or ‘ten in the wood’. Holding just one bird in your hand with a satisfied look appears very trite and didactical. Now, when there is a psychological bombardment of optimism, spiritual gurus and motivational speakers are busy 24×7 injecting in our minds ‘what you think, you become’ funda, this extreme within-reach-satisfaction and being indifferent to the bustle in the bush is very irritating. Inspired is the word you feel when pedaling a worn-out bicycle you dream of yourself caressing the steering wheel of a Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, or even a Bugatti. 

Materialized or not, dreams count. A mental calculation of course with a geometric progression of gain of any kind, maybe waiting at a milestone far- far away gives a very pleasant tickle. A pep. A dreamy smile on the lip. What is in the bush? A flock of birds. Unlimited possibilities. Wisdom might suggest precaution and detailed probe, but a little of daydreaming allures.

Birds In Bush

The days have come when belief in the treasures in the bush and contempt for the only bird in hand has grown in the have-nots and this dissatisfaction has turned into the raw material of the corporate economy. The economy is now bent upon to teach us hundred and one ways to rely on the birds in bush and for imparting this new wisdom is charging the least feather of the only bird in hand. 

A negligible share of the certain and secured never titillates, but the uncertain possibilities instill a tingling sensation in our imagination. The lesser is the asset, the greater is the attraction of the pleasant surprises from Pandora’s Box. You’re short on looks, you have a physique without a macho look, you’re thin at the purse, Lady Destiny is always rubbing you the wrong way then a sickly bird in hand won’t help you much. You’re in great need of the ten in the bush. The curiosity is still there about the birds in the bush. Are they, too, as sickly as the one poor in hand. Or they have some flesh. And here comes the corporate world at your door with their research and study of the birds in your share of the bush- your only hope.

The Future Lies In The Mysterious Bush

Let them study the stir in the bush and get results for you. Oh, the future lies in the mysterious bush, once the birds in the bush are in your hand a miraculous metamorphosis is going to happen. Your pathetic rather ugly face can glow and shine, you just use cream. Your naive, nerdy and gawky demeanor can turn into a stylish and smart bearing, you only need to join a personality development class that may be online and of course, you have to part with but a few feathers from the ugly bird in hand. And so many e-commerce companies are there with so amazing offers. They have the wish lists and your cart.

When the bell rings, the delivery boy appears, you hear the flutter, the flutter of the wings of bush birds. Well, they are not free despite the free trials but you can manage to expand your wishes. And you are surprised to discover that the sickly bird in hand had so many feathers to spare. So many apps are there to discover a similarity of your shriveled face with one of the most handsome stars of Bollywood, Tollywood, or even Hollywood. Oh, you just missed that a slight twitch of your lips how much resembled those of Tom Cruise. …But with a very long stretch of the imagination. The stretch that takes you to the bush.

The Single Bird In Your Hand And If Still

All the logic of the corporate world to help you discover the birds in the bush at a very meager cost of the single bird in your hand and if still, you remain an unaffected soul, depressed and static, there are the catalysts- the motivational gurus. Motivation is also an industry all in favor of pleasant dreaming about the birds in the bush. They have stories, techniques, inspiring body language, and beaming faces. While showing you the immense possibilities in the bush, they rather run from this side of the dais to that, make queer faces and wriggle with almost acrobatic finesse. And for all this, you part with one more feather of your bird in hand.
So let’s revisit the old proverb, honored to get its place in the Holy Bible, and search the merit of the birds in the bush still eluding us.(by Sanjay Kumar Kundan)

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