Benefits of buying insurance policies from an IRDA web aggregator

An IRDA web aggregator is a way for people to buy insurance policies online. Citizens of India now have the option to pick and choose among many insurance policies through an insurance web aggregator portal. However, why should they even care about it?

People are now buying everything online; and I say that in the literal sense. What started out as picking up exclusive products on the internet, has now extrapolated to every product. From daily products to complex services, industries are providing it all on sale via their online portals. Jumping on this online commerce bandwagon is also IRDA. Through Web aggregator license, you can go through lmpc certificate for import for any kind of importing and the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India has now gifted people with the way to pick and choose between different insurance policies.

A Web aggregator sponsored by IRDA provides a platform where the customers can:

  • Browse between different insurance policies.
  • Read the policy documents associated with those policies.
  • Compare between different insurance products, and
  • Buying the insurance policy that fit their criteria.

Despite its relevance and popularity, many people are still on the fence about whether or not to buy policies via internet. So, let’s see the benefits of buying insurance policies from an IRDA web aggregator.

The reasons you should choose an insurance web aggregator to buy insurance policies

Following are the reasons you should make the wise choice to buy insurance policies via a business web aggregator.

  • You can make comparisons between many insurance policies: Those who have paid the IRDA web aggregator license fees – your insurance web aggregators – are bound by law to provide all the information about the insurance policies in an unbiased manner. Thus, as a customer you can draw your own comparisons between several insurance products without an intermediate trying to make you buy a particular policy. That factor makes comparison between the policies more fruitful for you.
  • Quick Process: People buy things online because it’s simpler, and most importantly faster. Because there are no human intermediaries involved with an IRDA web aggregator, you can buy the insurance policies with just a click of a button.

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  • Paying insurance premium is easier: As you’re buying insurance policies via online mode, your mode of payment is online too. Those with insurance web aggregator license invest in good payment gateways for you to choose from. Just pick one. Enter your details, and pay your premium without any hassle.
  • Access to more authentic insurance policies: One of the greatest things about insurance policies that are out in the open is that companies can’t lie about them. If you want, you can cross check the legitimacy of insurance policies using their unique ID at the IRDA website.
  • Purchase insurance policies from anywhere: When you’re online, you’re unbound by the physical restriction of having to visit the insurance company. You can buy the insurance policies anywhere you are. Just make sure that you’re in a place that’s calm enough for you to be able to go through and understand the insurance policies. Because despite all the positives of insurance web aggregator, if you’re not careful, you can still pick the wrong one.


An IRDA web aggregator has provided a unique way for the people to buy and insurance policies. As people become their own agent, intermediaries are removed. As people purchase the policies on their own, the corporate middlemen are gone. Insurance web aggregator is probably the best way today to purchase insurance policies. So, pick and choose your way to secure your future, on your place and on your time.

What are the benefits of buying insurance policies from an IRDA web aggregator? Let’s find out.

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