AYUSH Certificate: Eligibility and Documents Required

AYUSH certificate or AYUSH license allow you to start an AYUSH business of manufacturing and selling Ayurveda, siddha, Unani, homeopathy and naturopathy medicines. Issued by the AYUSH ministry, getting this license involves several steps including:

  • Application filing for Ayush Premium
  • Application assessment
  • Organization is inspection
  • Inspection at the manufacturing facility
  • Certification (Ayush Premium Certificate)

However, before you even take your first step, you need to adhere to specific eligibility criteria. The points under these criteria make you eligible for applying the license. It’s an important aspect of AYUSH license registration that one should never and ever forget about. However, regardless of its importance, people tend to ignore it and come to us with questions like these:

  • Can I sell home-made therapy online?
  • Can I sell a certain desi sweet that I cooked online as an ayurvedic medicine?

Therefore, to fully and finally quell all of the confusion, we are here with the eligibility criteria that you need to adhere to obtain AYUSH certificate registration.

Eligibility criteria to start an AYUSH business in India

Following are the points that you need to follow if you want to be considered eligible for the AYUSH license, in Delhi or anywhere else in India:

  • Company incorporation
    • Only a company – private or public – is allowed to file the application for AYUSH license. As the business of AYUSH is quite complex, the ministry doesn’t like to give certification to any individual. Thus, you need to incorporate a company before you can apply for the license.
  • Appropriate size of the facility is needed
    • The manufacturing facility where your medicine is manufactured should be of an appropriate size. In simple terms, you need at least 1500 square feet of area to manufacture and store ONE type of ayurvedic medicine.
    • That manufacturing facility should also have a GMP certification.
  • Pharmacist and AYUSH experts
    • There should be at least 2 AYUSH experts who must have bachelor degrees in their respective AYUSH domain.
    • There should be at least two pharmacists at each manufacturing facility.

Documents required to start an AYUSH business in India

Following are the documents that are required to start an AYUSH business in India. They are as follows:

  • FORM 24 D: The offline application form
  • A signed Declaration
  • Plan of the site
  • Key plan
  • Ownership deed of the land on which the factory is established
  • Organogram of the applicant’s company
  • ID proof of the authorized signatory
  • List of machines
  • List of books
  • Standard Operating Procedures that are followed
  • Proof that you own the premises
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Documents pertaining the legal ownership of the AYUSH medicine formula
  • Education details of the technical staff
  • If the staff have any private certification, provide the details of the same.

Once you have these documents, you’re ready to attempt AYUSH license apply online.

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Eligibility and the right documents are basic requirement to obtain the AYUSH license. If you want to know more about the process of it all, just reach out to our AYUSH license consultants. Our AYUSH certificate company will provide you a multifaceted and customized service as per your needs. You need to validate to originality of the certificate and license by checking the Ayush premium logo on it.

In this blog, you will learn about the AYUSH license eligibility and documents you need to obtain it. For more info about this topic, reach out to Registrationwala.

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