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7 Low-Cost Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

7 Low cost Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

The power of the internet and online consumers has drastically changed the definition of today’s business world. The formula is simple. If you want to expand your business, you must know how to use the internet cost-effectively. And for that purpose, you will find various ads maker free of cost on the internet.

To survive in a business environment altered by the digital revolution, you should take marketing strategies based on your budget. A digital marketing strategy is nothing but a systematic plan to achieve a selective goal for your organization. The conversion rate in digital marketing is very high. And we all know, greater the conversion, the higher the revenue.

But you must be thinking about the initial investment to start a digital marketing campaign. Don’t worry! An ample number of strategies are there by which you can reach your potential customers on a very low budget.

Have a look at some essential techniques that can be handy when operating with a tight budget.

1. Regularly Publish Content on various Social Media Platforms.

When it comes to digital marketing, no other option can compete with social media. These days, millions of people regularly use social media. And according to research, almost 70% of millennials tend to make an online purchase after seeing branded content on social media. Thus you can increase your revenue within a very short span.

But the foremost thing about content publishing is regularity. If you are regular with your content, engagement of the content and your brand value will automatically increase. Always keep an eye on social media to find what is trending and post content related to that to expose you to a brand new group of potential buyers.

2. Create a Google My Business Account

If you have an offline store, do register your business on Google My Business. It is completely free and a great tool to be recognized online. After creating an account and verification, your business will show up on Google map. In this way, new customers can easily reach out to your shop by navigating it through Google.

3. Develop Email Marketing Campaign

Sending an email is free. And this is considered to be one of the best digital marketing strategies. The best part of this medium is that you can reach up to many potential buyers in one go. If you are offering a discount, let your customers know. If you are launching a new product, let your customers know. It’s that simple!

4. Run Ads on Various Social Media Platform

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram offers to create and run ad campaign according to your business need. In this way, your brand can easily reach up a wide range of social media users.

The best part about these ad campaigns is that you can control each and every part of them. From setting a target audience to budget, everything can be done according to your requirement.

Before creating an ad on your own, you need to research your potential buyer. Knowing about their interest, habits, purchasing tendency, etc., will help you to create more impactful campaigns.

Besides this, you can also use ads maker free of cost available online to create an ad on your behalf. To run these types of ads, you do not have to invest a chunk of amount, and you can predefine your daily budget, and on that basis, your campaign will run.

5. Create Quality Info-graphics

Infographics are an insanely powerful digital marketing tool. They are visually eye-catchy, and social media users love to share them on their timelines. In this way, you can get referral traffics for your brand.

But to create an impactful infographic, you need to hire a quality graphic designer, which may hit your wallet hard. Instead of hiring one, you can create your own using various free tools available on the internet.

6. Post Content on YouTube

These days to run a successful business, you need to create content for all types of platforms. Some people may like to read blogs and share infographics, but many users prefer to watch visual content.

And creating video content is also very easy these days. You do not need to invest extravagantly as long as your video content is strong. Most of our smartphones are equipped with excellent cameras, and you can even edit the videos on your phone using free video editing applications.

Apart from this, you can also create short video content for newly introduced YouTube shorts. Here you can simply post 30 seconds video that will convey your message to potential customers.

As these contents are very short, so people tend to watch the full video. So if your content is strong, people end up buying your product.

7. Recycle Your Old but Popular Content

To repost one of your popular content is also considered to be a great digital marketing strategy. If a few contents you posted earlier have gained tremendous engagement, you can use them again to reach new potential buyers.

Suppose earlier you took a live webinar, and it went viral. Then you can convert it into a video and post it again on YouTube. In another case, you can use previously posted infographics for email marketing. These all are free or very low-cost strategies but very handy in terms of return on investment.


Quality of content has no substitute. However, you must need to be consistent throughout the process as the whole digital marketing is a long-term operation. But if you talk about the return on your investment, trust me, it is enormous.

Everything discussed above is beneficial to sustain in today’s digital environment, from content creation to promoting them on various platforms. Using all the tools like video editing software, ads performance tracker, ads maker free of cost available online wisely is the key to keeping your business relevant these days.

 Now, as you have understood all the cost-effective digital marketing strategies, it’s time to implement them in practical life and see the difference in your revenue.

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