Yes We have Got 10 Secrets for You to Nail your Stay in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Say ‘No’ to dance at weddings. Unlike North India, it is not considered polite to show your moves when someone is getting married.

Always remember that eating food while sitting on the floor is a very common tradition in Tamil Nadu.

Do take care that you don’t discuss things loudly when you’re visiting a historical place in Tamil Nadu, as some of them are religious places too.

Greet people by joining your hands like prayer style and saying ‘Vanakkam’.

Instead of a spoon and fork, use your hands for eating food. The only spoons that are used are the serving ones.

Do not feel bad if you see people dancing at someone’s funeral. It is believed that dancing at funerals adds respect to the soul as you send the soul happily to the new world.

Never say anything about their film stars, as they are considered very respectful there, and criticizing them might offend people.

Never ever stand in the middle of a meal. It is seen as an impolite gesture therefore, let everyone finish before you stand up.

Do not ask people about where they are going when they are leaving for somewhere. It is not acceptable in Tamil Nadu.

Avoid using ‘yo’ to address someone unless you’re very comfortable with them. Using this can be seen as impolite.

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