Working Remotely and Wanting to Move to a New State? Here’s What You Need to Know

Working Remotely and Wanting to Move to a New State

Working remotely has increasingly become a popular option for many corporations in the past few years. Because of COVID-19 restrictions and the need to maintain social distancing, more and more businesses are now offering remote positions.

There are several advantages of working from home, including convenience, flexibility in work hours, and reduced commute times to and from job locations. Hiring remotely also offers the employer a more extensive selection of job candidates to choose from. But, the open doors don’t stop there.

Population changes amid the pandemic

COVID-19 has caused considerable population shifts in many states throughout the U.S. over the past two years. Several companies leaning towards remote work may contribute to this fluctuation. 

The top five states that have shown a decrease in population amid the pandemic include New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Louisiana.

The top five states that have shown an increase in population amid the pandemic include Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona. Arizona, in particular, seems to be a favorite of the new WFH relocators. 

Arizona offers many attractive benefits to newcomers, including the picturesque Grand Canyon, beautiful rivers and hiking trails, diverse culture, low cost of living, plenty of sunshine, and easy access to other states.

Like any region, you should research a few things to know before moving to Arizona. For example, the Grand Canyon State is a great place to live. But, it also has a few downfalls to consider, such as heavy traffic, dangerous wildlife, and blistering temperatures year-round.

Whether you decide to make the Four Corners your home or somewhere else catches your eye, here are a few tips that will help make your relocation a success.

Five tips to consider before moving to a new state

If you work remotely and are thinking about moving to another state during the pandemic, here are five things to consider before making your big move.

How will your taxes be affected?

One of the first things to consider before moving to another state is the difference in taxes. Ask yourself how these taxes will affect your future funds if you decide on relocating. If you work in a different state than your employer, you’ll likely have to submit a return for each state. Do your research beforehand to eliminate surprises come tax time.

Make sure your company is on board with your move

Speak to your employer beforehand and let your supervisors know your intentions of moving. Make sure that this is a viable option available to you. Ensure that your employers do not expect you to attend any in-person meetings or return to the office once COVID-19 restrictions ease. 

Is remote work a long-term option?

Before moving states, also check with your employer to make sure that remote work will be an ongoing option for the future of their company. That means ensuring your employment will not be going back to in-person work once the pandemic restrictions end. This assurance can help to ensure your prospects will not be in jeopardy.

Will your benefits be affected?

Ensure that your benefits will remain in effect if you move to another state. Some factors to check into before moving include retirement plans and allowable vacation hours per state. Make sure that it will not negatively affect your entitlement to benefits.

Will moving affect your paycheck?

Some companies may adjust your wages according to the minimum wage requirements of the new state where you are moving. Therefore, before making any big moves, check with your employer to ensure that your relocation will be financially sustainable.

Last thoughts

Working remotely during the pandemic might seem like the perfect opportunity for you to pack up and move across the state.

Other factors to consider before committing to a permanent move may include cost-of-living expenses, availability of affordable housing, availability of health care providers, your partner’s career path, your children’s schooling, moving costs, and your overall quality of life available in your new state.

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