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Why Choose MBBS In Russia?

Reasons to study MBBS in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world for Education. Russia is famous for its very higher and progressive education system. MBBS in Russia for Indian Students is a great opportunity to build their careers. Russia has an education pace of 99.6% which is the most elevated literacy rate across the world. It has a high quality of education and cost efficiency, MBBS fee in Russia is very low because the Russian Government provides subsidies for education, students can get scholarships also if they fulfill the scholarship criteria.

The approximately MBBS fee in Russia is between 3 Lacs to 5 Lacs per year. Students get all the facilities and medical insurance for all the courses, and medical treatment. Students get a fully furnished hostel and hygiene facility inside the university campus with the best quality food. Provide training to the students of the Russian Language because, by learning, students can communicate with patients in the hospital during the time of medical practice, and they easily communicate with them.

Benefits of Studying MBBS Course in Russia

No Entrance Exam for Admission – There is no entrance test required to secure admission to Russian medical colleges. Admission will be based on your performance in the 12th standard.

Low & Subsidized course fees – MBBS in Russia is very affordable as MBBS Universities in Russia offer low tuition fees and quality education to their students. They offer very low tuition fees and affordable living costs.

100% Visa Guarantee – There is a 100% guarantee of visa.

MCI Screening Test – MBBS in Russia is fully recognized by MCI and students can study MBBS in Russia and work in India after successfully appearing and passing in Screening test after completing the MBBS course from Russia. The MCI screening test is conducted to keep a check on basic concepts and the ability to check time management, basic knowledge.

Scholarship Opportunities – Students get scholarship opportunities based on their education grade, Universities provide scholarships to the students, to get more chances to take admission.

Living Cost – Living cost is also low, as compared to other countries. Russia is comfortable for all expenses such as groceries and other bills, it is very cheaper than other countries, students can easily live with their own expenses. Therefore, the students did not need to spend extra money. Students could do part-time jobs also for their own earnings and expenses.

Low Eligibility Criteria – Taking MBBS admission in Russia is very easy as eligibility criteria to apply for an MBBS seat is very low and there is no entrance test for taking admission in Russian colleges.

Admission Procedure

MBBS Admission‎ in Russia‎ is a very easy procedure to take admission. Students need to have a current NEET score. Which is very much important by MCI and the Government of India for taking admission to a foreign institute. Apart from this students must have minimum eligibility criteria which include a passing percentage of Physics. Chemistry, and Biology in Class 12th.  There is some documentation required for admission. Selection of suitable MBBS University as per candidates requirements.

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