Why LBE VR Franchises are Better than Laser Tag for a Shopping Mall?

happy woman using virtual reality goggles

The structure of shopping mall entertainment is much iterative, if not more. In the nineties, it was a beehive of adolescents addicted to pixelated monitors. Today, theaters are in a constant brawl with stream services for attention. But this is not the end; two more players want to be at the helm in this domain: laser tag plus location-based Virtual Reality arcades (LBE VR).

Laser tag came about in the late 1970s, bringing in a certain sense of nostalgia through a physical movement that was enjoyable while competing friendly. Its attraction is confined to predominantly runners and strategists among younger people. LBE VR franchise, on the other hand, represents a significant leap forward. In this article, we are going to understand why LBR VR Franchises are better than Laser Tag for a shopping mall.

Advantages of LBE VR Franchise

Do you still recall the day you strapped on your gears and waged those frantic battles against friends amidst the thin blue smoke of fluorescent lights in your neighborhood arcade? The memories and nostalgia associated with engaging in games such as laser tag do not work its charm on everyone. However, location based entertainment plus virtual reality has been able to remove those shackles and open up a wide range of possibilities. Through such as attracting a larger group of people using many activities or developing those scenarios that make laser tag forget about itself from the bay, our spaces for shopping are soon to experience a new kind of playing and enjoyment revolution.

(i) Catering to the Whole Crew

Contrary to the physical activity emphasis of laser tags, LBE VR facilities have a wider customer base. According to a report by the Pew Research Center in 2023, 38% of the American population aged 50 years old and above demonstrated willingness to make use of virtual reality devices. Thus, this creates an opportunity for creating interactive family fun activities. Just think of mothers and fathers going through the adventurous story of a quest inside a virtual land of dinosaurs at The VOID an outstanding LBE VR chain distributed in different parts of United States with their children. The VOID uses advanced haptic technology to create a truly immersive experience. It allow players to feel the ground beneath their feet and the wind in their hair as they navigate a virtual world.

(ii) Immersive Entertainment, Beyond the Ordinary

Playing laser tag offers a way to have fun, something which though can be monotonous due to continually running around and targeting someone. On the other hand, LBE VR knows no boundaries within traditional entertainment industry. The power of Virtual Reality (VR) enables players to be taken to completely different realms in existence. Another global leader that has branches elsewhere is known as Zero Latency offering VR experience that takes people all over the world imaginable places hence imagine scaling the rock face of Mount Everest through a VR experience that offers stunning views if you feel like. These experiences go beyond simple visuals. VR headsets incorporate spatial tracking and motion controllers. They allow players to interact with their virtual surroundings in a way that laser tag simply cannot match.

(iii) Small Footprint, Big Impact

It takes a lot of room for classical laser tag arenas to have elaborate multi-level courses hence forming a challenge especially for those that are based within the shopping malls which may have little space. Those that do LBE VR on the other hand can still have a fun time regardless of the limited area available. Furthermore, even though companies like Sandbox VR, another big name within LBE VR world, these firms have designed their experiences in such a way that they can be adjusted and therefore fit into any space. Their futuristic, “warehouse-style” locations often occupy less square footage than a traditional laser tag arena. Yet, still manage to deliver expansive and immersive virtual worlds. This flexibility allows LBE VR franchises to fit into a wider range of shopping mall locations, maximizing their reach and profitability.

(iv) Keeping the Costs Down

Running a laser tag arena can be costly. The vests, guns, and extensive arenas need regular upkeep and repairs. VR equipment also needs software updates; nonetheless, it typically has less moving parts as well as undergoes minimal wear compared with its physical counterparts thus it may entail less maintenance cost for LBE VR franchise owners. Also hardware prices are falling owing to the intense competition observed in this sector which has resulted into a burgeoning VR industry. Unlike Facebook, Meta has invested greatly into Virtual Reality Technology (VR), which makes it affordable for local-based VR networks (LBEs) to purchase and uphold equipment, thus enabling them to compete with pricing while still reaching out to many customers through their VR service point.

LBR VR Franchise

Addressing Concerns: Making VR Business a Reality for Everyone

To some the realm of VR Business may appear daunting with issues about accessibility and cost having merit although LBE VR franchise has become good at tackling these problems hence assisting numerous clients familiarize themselves with virtuality through brief entry level experiences in the form of short simple games that help train on how to wear headsets?

Additionally, with the growing popularity of VR for business purpose, the technology is becoming more affordable. While high-end VR headsets for home use can still be expensive, LBE VR experiences offer a cost-effective way for people to try VR without a significant investment.

Why LBE VR Wins the Mall Game?

Why LBE VR holds an advantage to laser tag in attracting shoppers and keeping them amused is explained as follows:

  1. Broader Appeal:  Laser tag has a lot of limitations in terms of its physicality, hence not attracting a large audience. In this case, VR serves a big number, for example, families and millennials looking for some adventurous aspects among others who are interested in the old concept of this technology.
  2. Repeatability: Core gameplay loop of Laser tag often seems monotonous. In contrast, VR has an extensive catalogue of varied experiences which range from puzzle solving expeditions to thrilling action-packed thrillers and this makes it very re-playable.
  3. Space Efficiency:  Significant space is a mandatory requirement for laser tag arenas. For franchise owners, maximizing profits can be done as they are space-saving and modular and adaptable, fitting into smaller mall locations.
  4. Lower Costs: In terms of maintenance requirements, VR equipment has potential for being lower than laser tag gear. On the other hand, hardware costs have been declining because of increased competitiveness within the market for VR itself leading to LBE virtual reality franchises being enabled to enforce competitive pricing.

Beside these considerations, it is possible for VR to be woven into the very shopping experience itself. Think about virtually trying out clothes in an online fitting room, or even looking at how furniture would look like in your house right in the confines of your most preferred mall. Participants including IKEA are already working on developing a way in which one can continue with his or her shopping using VR equipment.


Virtual Reality technology is advancing and becoming more accessible which makes Location Based Entertainment (LBE) making them LBE VR franchise the predominant form of recreation for shopping centers contemplating they might be the leading amusement facilities in shopping malls. Here’s a look at tomorrow:

  • Accessibility: With advancements in VR business technology, headsets will become lighter, more comfortable, and easier to use. It makes VR experiences even more accessible to a wider audience.
  • Social Interaction:  LBE VR experiences are evolving to incorporate social elements, allowing friends and families to collaborate and compete in virtual worlds, fostering a sense of community within the mall.
  • Evolving Experiences: The library of VR experiences will continue to expand, offering players a never-ending stream of new and exciting adventures, ensuring LBE VR remains a fresh and exciting destination for mall visitors.

So, when you are next standing in a mall, do not wander into laser tag. Rather, from there onwards, transition to LBE VR for an experience of a kind! You just never know where you might end up with VR- the cosmos’s composite waiting for your explore! VR has various experiences, immersive worlds, and effective designs that provide something for all. Thereby, transforming malls into fun and exciting places where people can get away from their normal routines. LBE VR for business setups, will never be only about future mall entertainments. It is an entrance into realms without end.