Where is the best place to purchase larimar crystal

Where is the best place to purchase larimar crystal

Introduction to the Larimar Gemstone

When talking about the gemstones which are attractive, rendering the wonderful healing energies, the blue Larimar is among the top-notch gems. It is a rare gemstone found only in the Dominican Republic on the Seashore of Caribbean Island. It is composed of pectolite minerals and has traces of iron and copper in it. Let us study Larimar jewelry in detail and know more about it.

All about Larimar

Larimar meaning signifies to the tranquil sea and sky energies, as this soft and soothing gemstone has white patterns on the exterior that resembles the sunlight dancing beneath Caribbean waters. Larimar stone brings the ancient wisdom of the Atlantic sea. Moreover, it is also called the dolphin stone as it has the energy to heal, harmonizing the body and the soul of the wearer.

What Makes Larimar Unique

Larimar is a unique gemstone because it is the only stone with the energies of water and fire together in it. This rare combination is due to the volcanic fire, as these crystals were formed during the eruption and were splashed everywhere, and were trapped in the mountain as well. However, during the earthquake, the mountains tumbled down, and the larimar crystals were found on the seashore of the Caribbean. And that’s how they have the energy of water and fire together in it. In addition, these crystal offers exceptional healing powers. Let us learn about them.

Healing Advantages of Larimar

It is one of the gemstones that can balance the polarities of these energies. For cooling tempers, calming the fears, reducing the problems of stress, anxiety, and depression, Larimar ring are oftenly worn on an everyday basis. Meditating wearing the Larimar crystal helps connect the divine energies. In addition, it is called the stone of communication as it provides the strength and courage to speak in public, having an association with the Throat Chakra.

History of Larimar

While buying this gemstone, it is essential to know about its history as well. So, this gemstone was first discovered in the year 1916 but was not given much importance. Later, in the year 1974, they were rediscovered again by the priest who sent them to a lab for testing, and they were recognized as semi-precious gemstones. Moreover, it was named after the priest’s daughter, Larrisa. So, the four letters of Larrisa were combined with the word mar, meaning water in Spanish. These crystals are set into sterling 925 silver, making beautiful jewelry pieces.

Caring tips for Larimar

Larimar jewelry requires care as it should be washed after every wear with regular tap water. Never use any kind of ultrasonic cleaner or steamer to clean the gemstone. This can cause a change in the color of the gemstone. Moreover, don’t expose it much under the sunlight, as it could fade its color and look dull.

Also, wear your gemstone, at last, to protect it from the chemical products like perfumes, makeup, creams, and lotions. Moreover, take it off at the first while returning back home and keep it safe in a pouch or separate box.

Where to get the Larimar from?

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