What Signs Prove It Necessary To Visit A Heart Specialist

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In the Indian health scenario, cardiovascular diseases have one of the highest numbers of patients. India ranks among the top countries plagued by heart conditions. Unhealthy food habits combined with stressful lifestyles have led to this stage. With no improvement in sight, the number of affected heart patients is only going to go up. The lack of care and regular checkups from a reputed heart specialist in Kolkata also contributes to the growing number of patients. On the other hand, people often find themselves clueless as to when to consult a heart specialist, as most of us are unaware of the conditions as to when to visit a cardiologist. Here are some of the most common symptoms that tell that there is something wrong with your heart.

Pain in the chest:

Heart problems and pain in the chest go hand in hand. While it is true that chest pains also occur because of other reasons. Gastrointestinal imbalances are also responsible for discomfort in the lower chest region. However, heart ailments always come accompanied by chest pain. Pain in the chest is generally the sign of two occurrences. When enough blood does not reach the heart and when excess blood builds up inside the heart when a blood vessel gets blocked, chest pains are likely to occur. Heart attacks also exhibit chest pain as one of the first and major symptoms. Chest pains are, more often than not, signs that the patient is in the need of emergency medical assistance.

High blood pressure:

Regular monitoring of blood pressure is absolutely essential. When left unchecked, prolonged high pressure can result in heart attacks, artery blockage, and much more. Strokes are also a common result of high blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure experience excessive sweating, fatigue, and drowsiness. While it can be controlled through yoga, meditation, and other non-invasive therapy in the early stages, high blood pressure tends to be a reason for lifelong medication when allowed to proceed to advanced stages. Consulting a good heart specialist as early as possible is highly recommended for alleviating the risks of heart attacks and strokes.

Experiencing shortness of breath, dizziness, and intense palpitations:

Abnormal rhythm in the beating of the heart and the presence of coronary diseases are the reasons behind facing shortness of breath, dizziness, and intense palpitations. As these are merely conjectures, it is wise to consult a heart specialist if any of these symptoms surface.

Patients of diabetes:

Diabetic people are burdened with lifelong medication. Adding to that complexity, heart diseases are a regular occurrence for such patients. People with diabetes have to be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Levels of vitals fluctuating means something is up. Missing medications may lead to coronary artery diseases which are fatal, to say the least. Keeping in touch with an accomplished heart specialist and getting regular checkups done is the key to staying safe and healthy.

Smoking history:

Smokers, especially chain smokers, could not be in a worse predicament than this. Not only smoking adversely affects the lungs, leading to respiratory diseases and even cancer, but smoking also is a formidable adversary for the health of the cardiovascular system. Smoking affects the heart by lowering the capacity of blood to carry oxygen. This spikes up the blood pressure and heart rate, as well as leads to the formation of clots. Smoking also builds up plaque inside blood vessels, leading to arterial blockage. Get an update on your condition by visiting a competent cardiologist.

High cholesterol intake:

Cholesterol is the new poison that kills slowly but surely. The popularity of fast foods and unhealthy eating habits has seen the average cholesterol intake shoot up beyond comprehension. Consult a reputed heart specialist to cut down on the intake and get back up to health.

History of heart diseases in the family:

Certain kinds of heart diseases have a hereditary nature. If your ancestors or family members had to deal with such ailments, it is wise to stay in touch with a heart specialist in Kolkata and keep monitoring your health on a regular basis. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Heart diseases are a common occurrence in this day and age. Learn about the serious symptoms of a variety of cardiovascular diseases and save time in consulting a heart specialist. Precious seconds saved can save a life.

Author Bio:

Dr. Harshal Hegde is an accomplished heart specialist who has been treating patients for over a decade. He wishes to spread his experience and knowledge through his writings that his readers can relate to and find useful, and maybe come to help in saving a life.

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