What is Duplicate Content? What are its disadvantages?

duplicate content

There are two types of Content: Duplicate or Original. By Duplicate Content, we mean the content whose similar copies are present on the other web pages. It takes a great deal of time to write well informative content. 

What is Duplicate Content? 

By duplicate content, we mean the content which is word to word same from other content. 

Duplicate Content can be any content that appears similar but is rewritten. 

Does Duplicate Content have any impact on SEO? 

Google does not like websites that aim to provide users with copied information. 

Google only wants such pages to rank, which present distinct information. If the content which you have published does not have the different data, then your site may suffer from: 

  • Less Organic Traffic: 

If your website has coped content, it will obtain considerably less traffic. By less traffic, we mean fewer leads. And fewer LEADS means fewer sales. It will become challenging to earn the essential revenue from the website. 

  • Penalty: 

Though duplicate content does not call for any penalty, strict action will be taken against you if you are found infringing copyrights. 

  • Users will lose interest in you: 

Users only like the websites which provide them with unique information. If any users find your content unreliable, scraped or completely coped, they will lose interest in you. 

  • Indexing Refusal: 

Once Google gets fed up with the duplicate content, it will not down rank it. Instead, it will take severe action against it. It will refuse to index it. 

Questioning Time 

  • I have unique content on my website. But I am still not getting ranked. Why so? 

There could be many issues with that. But staying relevant with the topic, the culprit could be Duplicate Content. Now you must think that you have unique content for all the pages; how can your content be duplicated? 

Let me explain it to you: 

Assume that you run an ecommerce site for Pickles. There you have a product page for Pickles. 

If you have done the setup correctly, you may not experience any problems. But if, on the other hand, something goes out to be wrong, Google will create a separate page for every new version. 

It could make Google think you are trying to rank with duplicate pages. 

How can I check the indexed Pages? 

You can check the indexed pages by typing ‘site: Name of place’. Another way to check is by indexing your pages in Google Search Console. 

How can I publish the original content on my website? 

I would recommend you hire content writers who would help you with the original & informational content. 

Many writing tools are available that allow even a non-professional to write content effectively. One can use Grammarly, which will enable you to write the content effectively without any grammatical errors. 

What if I have duplicate content on my website, and I want to fix it? 

You can do it by using the 301 redirects. If you have many duplicate pages on your site, you should make sure that you are redirecting them to an original page. 

Does Duplicate Content mean content that is word to word same? 

No, Duplicate content is not required to be the same from word to word. Any content that may have used different wordings but the exact meaning is known as Duplicate Content. 

Why do we use the canonical tags? 

We make use of the canonical tags to tell Google, “Though we have a bunch of pages with duplicate content, this page is original. You can ignore the rest.”

Can I use a tool to find if my website has duplicate content? 

Yes, there are a variety of tools that can help you to spot if your website has duplicate content or not: 

You can make use of SITELINERS. 

How do I tackle the already published duplicate content on my websites?

Look, the content for every website gets stale after a course of time. Some regular modifications need to be done regularly to keep the content fresh. 

That will be the perfect time to rewrite the plagiarism-containing content into new & originally written content. 

Should I publish Short or Long Content on Google? 

All of us might have heard that ‘Google Loves Long-Form Content.’ But I know that some topics are pretty much short that we cannot stretch them too long. In that case, you can publish Long-form Content. 

Am I right in deleting the duplicate pages from the Website? 

Yes, it is the right step to stop google from framing a lousy impression. 

Can I spin the article to publish the unique blogs? 

No, Google is smart enough to judge whether the article you have published is unique or spun. Spun articles provide no value to users. 

What is scraped Content? 

Scraped Content is also a form of duplicate content. Some words are replaced with synonyms, and the active voice is written in the passive voice.

It means that different wordings represent the same meaning. 

Should I use simple & understandable words or fancy & rare words? 

One must use simple & understandable words because we target the intellectual audience. Instead, we are targeting the people with less knowledge & intellect. 

Final Comments!

We have read this on many websites – Content is KING. Google gets impressed by your content only if it is original and informational. Suppose you are writing articles by replacing certain words with synonyms, and there is no helpful information & additional information in that. In that case, Google will not even consider ranking your website. 

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