What Is a Text Mail Subscriber?

Earlier, the key aspect of growing your business was advertisements on various TV and radio channels. Since when internet service has become available to all people, the traffic on the internet has increased exponentially and is still growing with the engagement of new people switching to smartphones from normal mobile phones.

Therefore, the trend of marketing has also changed. Nowadays, the term marketing is more like Digital Marketing, which involves the promotion of businesses and services on various digital platforms like social media, emails, different websites etc. Digital marketing is a whole ocean to understand and one of its fragments about which we are going to talk is text mail subscriber.

Now to answer your question, whenever we visit different websites, you must have seen a pop up on your screen or a form to sign in to avail the services of the website or to receive updates, it is subjective for which they are asking your email which depends on the type of website you are visiting.

Now, when you sign in by filling in your information voluntarily and accepting their term of use, you become their text mail subscriber. The information provided by you in filling up the form is used for their promotional purpose to reach out to you with their latest features or updates by means of your email ID or phone number. This is a way of promotion in which they are baiting you with new updates to come and use their services again.

With this, I hope you get the answer to your question, what is text mail subscriber?

Tracking your Subscriber

Another thing which is very important in this content is to know how to track a text mail subscriber. This is important because you will get to know who all subscribers are still interested in your service who is not so that you have a proper figure of your target audience, thus you can manage your promotional resources in reaching out to those people only who are showing interest and visiting your website repeatedly.

Some Useful Ways by which you can Track your Text Mail Subscriber:

  • If your text mail subscriber is registered using a mobile number, you can enter that number in the search bar of your browser. As soon as you put it there and search, the search engine will show you the social media account associated with that number, if the account being public and not private.
  • You can also use websites that provides the details of the person of whom you enter the phone number. One such website which comes with promising features and trusted information is Zosearch website. At the home page of the website, you will several option like name, address, phone number or email address, using any of it you can get the other details of the person. For tracking your text mail subscriber just type the email address or phone number and the website will provide you with the required information of that person.
  • You can also track a person using several tracking apps; however, you might need to fed up these apps with additional information that you may not have. So, these are not much affecting in keeping a track.
  • This is the last method of tracking a text mail subscriber. If you are using a paid tool for sending these promotional emails to your subscriber then you will be provided with a dashboard which will show you the information about how much subscriber are showing interest in your promotion emails and actually visiting your website through them. This is the most efficient way which can give you accurate and only required information which adds a value to your promotional campaign.


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