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What has reading ever done for us?

Books play a vital role in everyone’s life. For students’ books motivate them to read more, learn more, and enhance their knowledge. We, as human beings, are always looking for friendship that can give us something valuable selflessly, and books can be the best friend of everyone. Be a friend of books, you will be inspired to do great things in life. Fear of failure is the most challenging thing that everyone faces in their life, therefore books help us to overcome our fear. Growth and learning are directly proportional to each other and books help us in the learning process. If you’re looking for a true companion, find the good books for yourself and you will have great companionship. 

According to research, data says the motivation to read books decreases with age so start inculcating reading habits at an early age to make yourself an educated and knowledgeable individual.  Environment plays an important role in children’s life. School and home should have an environment where children are encouraged to read books. If the pupil does not enjoy reading books, teachers should do extra efforts to start developing a reading habit in pupils. Teachers should read-aloud for children and to make this learning process interesting they should read books in a storytelling form. Expression and funny faces makes it easier for children to understand words so parents and teachers both should try to make learning fun and interactive.


Advantages of Reading Books for Students: 


There are few good International Schools in Abu Dhabi which provide a platform for learning by reading good books. Teachers encourage students to read books and gain knowledge. For kindergarten and primary students, teachers try to make the reading process easy and fun-oriented so they can understand the words. Reading makes you learn good words which can enhance your writing as well as communication skills. Teachers give students a chance to read aloud so that they can learn the correct pronunciation of words. For secondary and high school students, library facilities are available where they can read several books and can enhance not just their academic knowledge but also develop a high IQ brain. For kids, libraries are designed in such a way that they can be motivated to read storybooks. At Abu Dhabi, students get a platform to inculcate good habits within themselves that can benefit them. Students are encouraged to read books such as the autobiography of an eminent personality that can inspire them to read more and learn more.

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