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What Do I Need To Know About Back Pain?

back pain

back pain

Back pain is very common and will affect most of us at one time or another in our lives. It is usually not a serious problem and can be caused by a strain on a muscle, ligament, or muscle.

It’s best to carry on with your daily activities as quickly as possible and keep moving. Even if your back hurts, being active and doing exercise won’t make it worse. You will feel better if you stay active. But it is advised to consult a low back pain doctor In Redondo Beach if you are in immense pain.

How your back works

The spine (also known as the backbone of the spinal column) is one of our strongest parts and allows us to have a lot of flexibility and strength.

It is made of 24 bones (vertebrae), each one on top of another. These bones are supported by discs between them and strong ligaments and muscles. The bones at the bottom of your back are the tailbone, which is fused together with no discs. Many small joints, known as the facet joints, can be found on either side of the spine. They run from top to bottom.

The vertebrae protect the spinal cord by allowing it to pass inside them. The spinal cord connects to the brain via the base of the skull. Nerves that run through spaces between bones of the spine pass through these spaces to reach the rest of the body also connect to the brain. These nerves are also called nerve roots.

As you age, your spine structures, including the joints, discs, and ligaments, change. While the structures are strong, your back will become stiffer with age.


Sometimes back pain or a shoulder pain Treatment in Torrance is not due to one cause. It could be caused by one or more of these:

Poor posture Lack of exercise can lead to stiffening of spine and weakening of muscles Muscle strains and sprains.

There are a few conditions that can cause pain in the back, apart from the ones mentioned above. You should remember that severe pain does not necessarily indicate a serious condition. Below are some common conditions.


As we age, our bones, discs, and ligaments can become weaker. All of us will experience this as part of the aging process. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be in pain.

As we age, the discs in our spines become smaller and the space between the vertebrae becomes narrower. Osteophytes are small pieces of bone that may develop at the edges and facet joints of the vertebrae. This is called spondylosis in medical terms and it is very similar to osteoarthritis, which can cause changes in other joints.

Spondylosis can be reduced by keeping the spine flexible and strengthening the pelvis and muscles around it.


Sometimes back pain can be linked to pain in the legs. There may also be numbness and tingling sensations. Sciatica is the name for this condition. This happens when a nerve in your spine is squeezed or pressed. Sciatica can cause leg pain, which is the most severe. However, some people may experience little to no back pain.

Most cases of sciatica are caused by a bulging disk pressing on the nerve. The discs are designed to bulge in order to allow us to move our spines around easily. However, sometimes a bulge can catch a nerve root and cause severe pain down the leg or foot.

Although most people are able to recover quickly, some cases may take several months. So, it is advised to talk with best back pain doctor in Torrance if in pain. Sciatica can be greatly reduced by gentle exercise. A physiotherapist is also an excellent option.

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