What are the costs incurred in Nose Reshaping?



Rhinoplasty is also famous for a nose job or nose surgery. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure to corrects and reconstruct the abnormalities of the nose. Cosmetic surgery improves the functions as well as the appearance of the nose.

What is Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping?

Rhinoplasty, also pronounced as RIE-no-plas-tee.

It means that it alters the appearance of the nose. It improves the functionality that makes you comfortably breathe.

The upper part of the nose is constructed with bone, and the lower part is made of cartilage. Rhinoplasty surgeons can alter the cartilage, bone, skin to provide a perfect outlook. We would suggest you consult the surgeon whether the rhinoplasty surgery is appropriate for you and ask about the final outcome after treatment.

Before doing the surgery, the rhinoplasty surgeon will do some homework with you. He will check your other facial features, take photographs, and perform an X-ray to know about tissue, bone, and cartilage position. If you are a suitable candidate, your surgeon will make a customized plan for you.

It would help if you asked your healthcare provider about the insurance coverage of the treatment.

Rhinoplasty can correct the following abnormalities of the nose:

  • Abnormal nose size to restore your facial feature
  • Alter nose width at the bridge, change in size and construction of the nostrils
  • Nose profile with abnormal humps or irregular depression in the bridge
  • Enlarged nasal tip, bulbous. The eccentric nasal tip might be drooping, hooked, or upturned
  • Nostril that is wider than usual, upturned or wide
  • Basic nasal asymmetry

If you want a more dramatic nose appearance, you should remember that everyone has some degree of asymmetry. It is the biological rule of our body. So a surgeon can not change it. So the consequence of Rhinoplasty may not be entirely symmetric, yet the objective is to rectify proportionately and create facial equilibrium.

Who is the perfect candidate for nose surgery?

The colloquial name of Rhinoplasty is nose job or nose surgery. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure to reconstruct and rectify the nose. It not only improves the appearance of the nose but also enhances its functionality. The surgery is the aesthetic treatment.

People around the world facing the different problem of the nose that needs to be corrected.

The nose abnormalities are saddle nose, hump nose, depressed nose, broad nose, flat nose, crooked nose, deviated nose, extremely short or long nose, boxy tip, and each abnormality can be corrected by Rhinoplasty. So, anybody who is facing these kinds of abnormalities may opt for nose job surgery. In general, adults more than 18 years old with good health conditions are suitable candidates for nose reshaping surgery. The candidate should not have life-threatening sicknesses and another chronic medical disease. 

Patients have to leave smoking and drinking before going under the knife,

Risk factors associated with Rhinoplasty:

As it is a significant nose reconstruction surgery, it carries some common risks, including:

  • the adverse reactions of anaesthesia
  • Infection
  • Bleeding

Other infrequent risk factors of Rhinoplasty include:

  • Difficulty in breathing due to nose reconstruction
  • Permanent paralysis around and in your nose
  • There are some possibilities in the uneven-looking nose
  • Discoloration, inflammation and pain after a nose reconstruction
  • Deep scarring
  • Septal perforation or a hole in the septum
  • Every possible problem demands an additional surgery with extra cost.

It would be best to talk with your surgeon about these risk factors before going to the operation table.

What is the cost incurred in Rhinoplasty?

The price of the Rhinoplasty depends on multiple components of the surgery. The package of rhinoplasty surgery starts from INR40,000 to 80,000 in India. Suppose your doctor adds essential components like narrowing. In that case, augmentation, correction of deviation, the rectification of crooked nose may increase up to 1.2 Lac to Lacs depending upon the surgeon and the healthcare provider. But the average price of the Rhinoplasty would be 80-90 thousand in India.

A little brief about the rhinoplasty procedure

The procedure for Rhinoplasty depends on your problem and what you want to achieve after treatment. Your doctor may perform a medically advanced approach or traditional approach to rectify the nasal abnormalities.

In the closed technique, all the surgery, the incision has been performed inside the nostrils; nothing will be predictable from outside. Whereas, in open technique, the doctor makes an incision inside and outside of the nose. Both of this incision heals well with time, and cannot be visible in the future. 

However, the open rhinoplasty procedure has better exposure and can make the precise correction with long-term vision.

The subsequent steps of rhinoplasty surgery include:

  • Augmentation
  • Hump removal
  • Boxy nasal tip
  • Broad nose.

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