Website loading speed importance and ways to monitor and improve it

Website loading speed importance and ways to monitor and improve it

In today’s world for most users website load time of more than 3 seconds – it’s already a lot. They do not want to wait and simply leave the website. So the owner of a slow website loses users. And for a business website users – its customers. And that means he loses potential profits as well. On top of that, the loading speed of websites is not measured only for its desktop version. Since mobile devices have already been able to capture data on the majority of all digital time around the world. So if you have a website, then one of the priorities is to optimize the website for mobile devices.

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Website loading speed monitoring and improvement

Website monitoring itself is a vital thing for a website. No matter how complex a website is, it is up to the webmaster to keep an eye on it. And if it is a large website or an online store, then it will be difficult to cope with website monitoring on your own. That is why even large companies are increasingly resorting to the use of sophisticated monitoring tools.

Today, in the era of widespread online services, web-based monitoring platforms are very popular. For example, HostTracker is one of the most advanced online monitoring systems. This comprehensive website monitoring service includes many tests. Thanks to this, it is an indispensable assistant for any webmaster.

In addition, you can easily find and pinpoint all the problems mentioned above with a website page load speed test. Just set the “Timeout” parameter in the response time checker and you will receive a notification in case of exceeding the load time limit, as well as a detailed report with a graph and separate timings for each part of the website.

And thanks to the instant notification system, detailed statistics and other advanced features, the webmaster can easily find the cause of slowdowns or other problems with the website. This means that the webmaster will be able to quickly respond to all problems and fix them as soon as possible.

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Basic website loading speed improvements

First of all, it is useful to use content delivery networks (CDN) to really reduce the distance between the website and its users. On the contrary, as a last resort, choose a more reliable and fast hosting service to improve loading speed. Choosing a cheap web hosting plan may save you money in the beginning, but you will end up paying more for it in the long run.

It is also important to remember that the main thing that will slow down the loading of the website is, of course, its images and data. The first thing to do is get rid of all unnecessary content. Or, basically, clean up. So, the first thing a webmaster needs to do is to match the CSS elements as closely as possible. Then you need to convert the images to JPEG and use GZIP. And then you need to clean up all the website code, put the JS files at the end, and the CSS files at the beginning.

To improve the performance of the mobile version of a website, it is best to check with Google Search Console. This is the best way to find all download speed issues. This will help you know how the website looks to users and how fast it loads. And it will help to find what problems there are.

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