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Types Of YouTube Ads That You Should Know

Youtube Advertising Best Practices

Youtube Advertising Best Practices

Advertisers use YouTube as it is the world’s single most successful website, with over 2 billion logged-in users every month. If you’re selecting how to spend your video advertising money, YouTube’s massive reach and robust targeting features make it an undoubtedly important platform throughout the viewer’s journey.

However, let’s be honest: YouTube advertising is not the most obvious component of a social media marketing approach. Rest certain that investing a little additional effort today to master the basics will pay off in the long run.

In this blog, we’ll examine YouTube ad format possibilities, provide you with up-to-date ad specifications, and inspire you with quality standards.

Types Of YouTube Ads

There are several YouTube advertising choices available. The following are some of the most critical sorts of YouTube video advertisements that you should add to your marketing strategy. 

Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads are non-skippable and last for six or fewer seconds. They can convey information in a very short time span. Due to these reasons. They are considered best in enhancing brand. Recognition and reach. 

According to a Google study, 70% of 122 bumper commercials increased viewers’ brand knowledge significantly, as the viewer cannot skip them. This presents a great opportunity for businesses to amplify their brand awareness.

Discovery Advertisements

Discovery advertisements are very distinct from the other ad categories. They are rather comparable to Google search advertising, showing in a semi-organic manner alongside search results. These advertisements assist us in seeing YouTube as a web browser. 

Just like Google text advertisements, YouTube’s Discovery Ads include the word “Ad” in a box to inform the users of the promoted content. A thumbnail picture and three lines of text comprise a discovery advertisement. 

What’s especially intriguing is that these ads may appear on the results page, the video view page, and the YouTube homepage, giving them a significant amount of exposure.

Display Ads

Of all the ad formats available on YouTube, display ads are undoubtedly the most well-known. These interactive pictures or animations appear on the right side of the YouTube video and are exclusively available to desktop users. 

Display advertisements are removed. When the user switches to a full-screen view of the video. Despite this, the placement of display advertisements is eye-catching due to their proximity to video recommendations. 

The dimensions of display adverts on YouTube are either 300×50 or 300×250. Soundless animations are displayed for a maximum of 30 seconds.

Overlay Advertisements

Overlay ads on YouTube are the least intrusive of all the options. They’re semi-transparent banners that cover the whole bottom half of the screen. Overlay advertisements are only visible on desktop computers; even if users close the advertisements, they continue to see them while their mouse lingers over the close sign. 

Overlay ads are so discreet that viewers may simply forget to shut them. These advertisements’ YouTube ad specifications are either 728×90 or 468×60, making them suited for in-depth examinations of items rather than brief samples.

Skippable Video Ads

These YouTube video advertisements are skippable and are aired prior to, during, or after videos. You don’t want users to miss your publications on YouTube which is why these Ads can be displayed on any device, including PC, mobile phone, TV, gaming consoles, etc.

 They might last as little as 12 seconds or as long as six minutes. When making skippable video advertising on YouTube, the most important thing to remember is to captivate viewers with your distinctive message within the first few seconds.

Non-Skippable Video Advertising

Viewers cannot skip these types of ads. If they want to proceed with watching their video, they have to watch the ad first. These ads are displayed during or after the film in the form of skippable video adverts. Nevertheless, these YouTube ads may only last 20 seconds. Due to YouTube’s ability to target, the viewer will probably match your target demographic.

Double Ads 

At the opening of the main video, YouTube double ads are shown twice, one after the other.

These advertisements can be skippable or unskippable. Viewers are more likely to watch ads that are placed one after another. Yet, if the viewer doesn’t watch one ad until they finish, they will likely watch another commercial till the end.

Clickable graphics related to the primary content of the sponsored cards that are seen on desktop or mobile devices. Although they only appear for a few seconds, viewers may simply click on them for further information. This YouTube publicity option is most effective when featured on your own videos since you may use it to market your service or product.

True View Ads

TrueView advertisements are the default sort of YouTube video ad. Advertisers pay for TrueView advertisements only when viewers see or engage with their advertising. Films can easily be adapted for sharing a broad range of material.

You pay only if the user sees the advertisement for at least 30 seconds or if the viewer performs a call-to-action click. If the viewer skips before a threshold point, the advertiser will not pay anything.

The current YouTube features demand that TrueView skippable advertisements be 12 seconds to 6 minutes long and that TrueView non-skippable advertisements are 15-20 seconds long.

TrueView advertisements are also classified into in-business advertisements and discovery advertisements; the former ads are played in front of a selected video since the latter is shown in the search result.

All of these forms of YouTube video advertising have their own advantages and disadvantages. Whatever YouTube advertising choice, it is vital that you select the right form of advertisement and ensure it fits in with the rest of your marketing plan and your target customer’s interests.

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