Types of Bette Baths

Bette is a leading company in the steel baths manufacturing industry with one of the largest product portfolios. From a very humble beginning, the company evolved to establish its in-house technology division to produce superior products beyond market standards. They improve the art of steel creation using a special formulation of steel and glass further enhancing the robustness. Bette produces extensive bath rangers in a selection of sizes, shapes, and colors to enhance your bathroom décor. Every Bette bath comes with a premium quality Bette Glaze finish adding an elegant and modern look to your bathroom with the promise of years of durability. If you want highly durable and modern baths, look no further, Bette bath is a perfect choice for you with elegant and sleek forms.

Straight baths 

Straight baths are the most common bath shapes, available in a variety of dimensions to suit most bathroom spatial and practical requirements. Manufactured from high-quality materials, the Bette range of straight baths is robust and durable to maintain the sheen and glow for years to come. The sturdy baths retain heat much longer to let you enjoy a long relaxing bath without needing to refill the hot water often. They can fit into a tiled manifesto or against three walls with a bath panel. The wide assortment of L-shaped, shower cube range and round-edged styles gives the freedom to choose the bath design that suits the most with your bathroom décor. 

Shower baths     

Shower baths are the optimal use of premium space in small and compact bathrooms. With a straight side, these baths let you integrate a shower screen to the bath bringing the good of both worlds; a quick shower and a long relaxing bath. They are available in a variety of designs such as L-shaped, and P-shaped with a choice of bath screens, bath waste systems, and bath panels. L-shaped shower baths come with modern design, firm edges, square corners, and left or right-hand options to suit any bathroom while p-shaped baths offer added functional benefit, with a glossy, curved-edge shower area.

Freestanding Baths

Bette offers a diverse range of luxurious freestanding baths in a choice of contemporary and traditional finishes. Whether you want to add a vintage character or a pronounced traditional feel, a freestanding bath can effortlessly transform the entire bathroom design. Freestanding baths are available in a variety of shapes and sizes such as angular, square, and ultra-modern designs for both large and compact bathrooms. The high-end quality materials with enamel coating retain the shine like new even in direct sunlight. The coordinating mixer, taps, and brassware can further add to the aesthetic and functional value of Bette freestanding baths.

Corner baths   

Corner baths with one triangular side to fit into the otherwise useless corner space while the other end protrudes into the bathroom space. Also, Corner baths look great and offer a luxurious space for a long relaxing bath. Corner baths design is for small bathrooms to make most of the available space. The unique shape and design enhance the interior value and can also be installed in large bathrooms for a rapid charm. Corner baths are a convenient way to maximize the use of bathroom space. It can be neatly tucked away in a corner space freeing up the floor space for the rest of the fixtures. They can be supplied with pre-cut on the rim for taps and mixer installation or can be combined with wall-mounted brassware. When you buy a Bette bath, do not forget to have it installed by a qualified plumber to get your 30-year guarantee!

Bette works with the best designers around the world to come up with unique designs and rich aesthetics. Their bath collection offers luxurious designs that become the cornerstone of the bathroom interior. Bette is known for its speciality to design products that add rich practicality whilst enhancing the aesthetic value of a bathroom. Inspiring aesthetic value, easy installation, and comfort in use are some of the design targets of Bette bathroom products. Transform your average bathroom into your dream personal SPA with an unrivaled range of Bette baths and enjoy the original, embellished, and sophisticated warm look with luxurious functionality.

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