Trends Shaping the Future of E-commerce Industry

, Trends Shaping the Future of  E-commerce Industry
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2020 boosted the e-commerce industry by leaps and bounds and many new trends are still shaping the way brands and customers connect.

“According to Statista, retail e-commerce sales increased many billions from 2019 to 2020 and is expected to grow almost another billion by 2021. Sales will continue to grow, reaching over $6.5 billion by 2023.”

Technology is changing everyday which has improved customer shopping experience a lot. There are new trends that the e-commerce industry keeps on adapting to offer their customers an enriching experience. some of these trends are as follows
Live streaming e-commerce

Artificial Intelligence


AI Voice searches, and more

These trends have set a different benchmark for the online shopping experience as you can interact with your customers just like the physical shopping experience. All these changes and innovations that are taking place in the retail market is shaping the online shopping experience. 

Let’s discuss some significant trends that are shaping the future of E-commerce.

Live Streaming e-commerce

Live online shopping has become one of the most popular trends when it comes to e-commerce. During a live shopping show, a host showcases all products to the audiences in real-time.

This also allows viewers to clarify their doubts by interacting with a host of a show. Live online shopping experience is somewhat similar to the one we have during in-store shopping i.e where we do have direct interaction with sellers available at a store. 

A live commerce solution platform helps you grab the audience’s attention, which helps boost brand’s sales. Live commerce allows brands to regularly interact and engage with their customers, which builds a personal connection between customers and retailers. Therefore, we can consider live commerce as one of the significant trends shaping the e-commerce industry.

An AI Chatbot 

This trend is proving out to be beneficial for both retailers and customers. Chatbot can help customers seek alternatives when a product is out of stock. AI chatbot app has a unique styling feature that anyone from anywhere at any time can access. With this feature, more customers who were shopping offline are inclining towards online shopping and helping the e-commerce industry bloom.

An AI chatbot helps customers decide outfit and styling options that best suits them according to their preferences, skin type, body type, and other significant personality attributes.

Apps Turn shoppers into Models

E-commerce lacks the in-store shopping experience i.e the experience of customers being able to try on clothes before making the final purchase. Hence, to achieve this kind of experience, various apps today allow customers to virtually try on clothes or accessories and check whether a product will suit them or not. Shoppers are just required to fill in some basic information like their height, weight, genders, etc and record their head movement. All of this information gets recorded and helps create a virtual version of the customers who can then try on clothes. 

Leveraging poll plugins

Experiential retail keeps on trending as more retailers keep on offering advance and improved experiences to their shoppers. One such trend that is gaining popularity today is poll plugins. These poll plugins allow you to create a poll between two products you are confused about while purchasing. This helps in better decision-making and offers an advanced shopping experience to buyers.

Additionally, your family and friends can also vote out for the option they like, and this way, the people’s advice reaches you and helps you come to a conclusion.

Co-Op Robot Delivery

Many technological developments have been undergoing, and a lot has changed when it comes to manual working. The technology has advanced so much that it has diminished the labor work in almost every sector.

The invention of delivery robots has made door-to-door delivery convenient for retailers to deliver their products without any third person’s involvement effortlessly.

If anyone tries to hamper the delivery either by stealing or destroying the robot has nine in-built cameras that help record all the activities on the way to the delivery location. 


The trends that are going to shape or are already shaping the e-commerce industry are helping retailers and customers a lot by providing alternatives to every problem that occurs on online shopping platforms. These trends make the online shopping experience more convenient and accessible by offering various options or solutions to online shopping issues for an extended period.

Live commerce is one such trend that will be in great demand in 2021. With Live Stream Shopping Solution, you can achieve your goals and sell live seamlessly with a lot of entertainment and fun.

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