Top 5 Free Whiteboard Animation Software Tools for 2022

Whiteboard Animation Software Tools for 2022

Whiteboard animation videos effectively fulfill the marketing goals by attracting users to the brand. Various software helps businesses to create their whiteboard videos by themselves, although it’s like a task to boil the ocean. 

This article will help you to know the top 5 free whiteboard animation tools that assist in creating a whiteboard video. Let’s understand the features of free whiteboard animation software tools that help us to create whiteboard animation videos.


Filmora is one of the best animation maker tools that helps you to create smooth and natural whiteboard animation videos. This tool helps to create 2D and 3d animations with the help of adding keyframes. Filmora software allows access to some tools only in the free version.

This tool is easy to access and download on any device. For more support, the users can check the video tutorial provided by the Filmora brand. The tool offers several features that help the users to create an effective whiteboard video.


Animaker offers several features to create a whiteboard video. It is a free animation software tool that allows exporting videos for up to 2 minutes in the free version. Animaker provides free access to a few props, characters, icons, charts, etc. 

Animaker allows the users to add background music, text content, and several effects to create effective whiteboard animation videos. This software tool operates by several brands, and many avail premium versions of it. 


MySimpleShow enables users to create the best explainer videos for their business with the help of a free plan for creating whiteboard videos. This tool allows you to communicate your messages using several features like images, texts, and graphics. 

This software tool helps you to perform all your technical work and allows you to create effective whiteboard videos. The free tool provides a few storyline templates which help to create unique and attractive whiteboard videos.


Powtoon is a free whiteboard video maker tool that helps users to create whiteboard animation videos. Also, Powtoon software tools can use to make presentations or business promotions. This tool assists you to create a video in a short time.

Powtoon allows you to use royalty-free music to increase the efficiency of whiteboard videos. This software also authorizes access to several objects, which is free to use. The users can make the videos for up to 3 minutes using the Powtoon software tool, which is not more than the size of 100 MB.


RawShorrts allows you to create effective whiteboard videos with the help of drag and drop user interface. It provides access to prepare a video for up to two minutes and allows the creation of 3 videos per month. 

Rawshorts provides integration features to use whiteboard animation templates or users can make a fresh start. It provides an integrated interface that ensures easy-to-share videos over different platforms. 

Overall, these tools help to create an efficient animated whiteboard video that provides better results and attracts customers to the brand. For creating a better video, businesses can opt the services of the explainer video production company.

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