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Top 4 Things to Consider Before Investing in a Business Laptop

Business owners can benefit greatly from investing in a carefully chosen laptop specific for business purposes. These devices are built differently from personal laptops, and factor in a number of different needs but they do tend to come with a higher price tag because of it. So, before you dive in head first and spend lots of money on a business laptop, consider the following points to see if you actually need one first. 

Your Budget

For a good quality personal laptop, people may pay upwards of $450. Transferred to a business context, this price may be more like $600. The simple answer to why is because they are built better and have superior features. For a visual representation, explore this selection of Lenovo’s Business Laptops to really see the range on offer. Top-end business laptops may cost over $1000, but this is arguably an investment worth making as the right device by your side will only ameliorate company prospects by providing the tools to perform all the admin, functions, and commerce chores required to progress forward. 

CPU Requirements

CPU, or central processing unit, capacity is important across the board. Any laptop specifically for business purposes is bound to be used on a fairly consistent basis, even daily for some people. Therefore, something that is used that often needs to be durable, and capable of withstanding high workloads. This is possible with a higher CPU and stronger processor, but it is something that can’t be overlooked in any profession. 

Where You Work

Some remote workers have a home office, some prefer to work in a shared office space or a café. Where you spend most of your work day will dictate which battery performance you need, the size of the laptop, and how portable it should be. If you are spending a lot of time commuting and therefore carrying the device around, it will need to be more lightweight than if you were just sitting in an office at home. The same can be applied to how durable the build is because a slight build does not have to mean that the laptop itself is fragile. A rugged laptop can be lightweight if you find the right make and model. 

Screen Type and Size

Laptop screens can be hit and miss. For careers with a  creative focus, such as art or design, a larger screen is preferable for the correct visual support. It may cause the eyes to strain if they have to look at a small screen (12 inches or under) for long hours at a time, therefore searching for something over 14 inches is preferable. Similarly, for careers in design and similar (media, urban planning, etc), the resolution and pixels should be high to avoid lag, insufficient graphic rendering, and other forms of visual display disturbances. 


Business laptops serve a purpose and are a great investment in the right context. Remote workers and business owners working from home will benefit from a laptop built for this purpose, and the investment will mean fewer replacements and a workday uninterrupted by technical issues.

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