To Become Air Hostess What You Need Is Here

Air Hostess Carrer

In the event that you have a charming attitude and can coexist effectively with a wide range of individuals, you can consider a vocation in the lodge team of business planes as an air hostess or steward.

An air hostess has numerous obligations on a plane. She welcomes each traveler, directs each to their seat and settles them in, facilitates security, and considerably more. Ladies for the most part incline toward this vocation in spite of the fact that men can do a similar work and are called ‘stewards’.

Following abilities are fundamental for an air hostess for a fruitful vocation:

Awareness of others’ expectations

Satisfying character

Common sense and drive

Great body

Persistence to work extended periods of time

Efficient methodology towards obligation

Great appearance

Correspondence and intuitive abilities

Language capability

Charming voice


Uplifting outlook

Awareness of what’s actually funny

Qualification Criteria

Authority in communicated in English and other unknown dialects as required

18 – 26 years old

10+2 with degree in friendliness, or other advanced education

Tallness of min 157.5 centimetres,Weight proportionate to the stature


Wonderful vision

Great wellbeing

Fair to clear coloring

6/24 vision in each eye

Eligible for Passport

There will be an underlying screening followed by a composed test, a bunch of conversations, and individual meetings. Acknowledged applicants are put through vital preparation in significant systems.

Profession Scope and Job Prospects

Examining and expertise improvement is something consistent in this profession, particularly in case you’re plotting for advancements. After around 10 years as an air hostess, you would be moved to occupations like Ground Hostess, Check Hostess, or other airline-related positions.

However airlines ordinarily publicize for initiates, people might send in applications on their own drive.


Global airlines pay better compared to homegrown ones, yet even homegrown air hostesses procure about Rs.25000 – Rs. 40000. In senior positions, you can be settled up to Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 75,000 in homegrown airlines.

Private airlines may pay you Rs.2 lakh a month.

Top Colleges/Institutes for Air Hostess Training

Air hostess preparing isn’t obligatory or fundamental to get into this calling. Self-readiness is required. Nonetheless, a few organizations have come up in India and are offering to prepare to foster essential abilities needed for the calling.

The Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics offers long-term recognition in lodge group administrations and the friendliness of the board.

You can likewise seek after a distance adapting course “Airline Cabin Crew Training” which requires 40-45 hours of self-study in addition to a 3-hour test. This is presented by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Courses Offered

  1. Airport Ground Services
  2. Air Hostess and Flight Steward
  3. Aviation Cargo
  4. Aviation Security Awareness Basic
  5. Hospitality & Customer Services
  6. Pilot Training (MPL)
  7. Flight Depatcher (to be launched)

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