Tips for Wearing a Polo Shirt the right way

Polo shirts

Polo shirts have become a wardrobe staple since the 1980s. The primary reason behind the popularity of polo shirts is that it provides the comfort of a t-shirt and elegance of the collared shirts. In short, you can have the benefits of both worlds, casual and formal, in one clothing item. Pair it up with the right pants and accessories to dress down or get formal according to the setting. Moreover, manufacturers are now making blank polos so you can customize them you’re your business monogram.

You can use these polo shirts as your promotional product or use the custom polo shirts with logo to outfit your corporate staff. However, you must know the right way to wear your polos, i-e the correct size, cut, and combinations with other clothing items for the best possible outcome. The current post covers the tips to show you that how you can wear a polo shirt appropriately.

The right fit:

Polo shirts have a uniquely elegant style that comes from a specific fit and length. For instance, polo shirts have a distinctive fit for the sleeves. In men’s polo shirts, the sleeves end at the mid-bicep with a subtly hugging fit. The too tight or too loose fitting will ruin the look of polo shirts. To check the proper fight, see if you can insert two to three fingers under the hem of your sleeves. The fitting in women’s polo sleeves is the same as the men’s but shorter in length. The ideal length of a polo takes it to reach your hips. 

Anything longer than that may look out of place, and if the length is shorter, you won’t be able to keep it tucked in your pants. Some polos have their back longer than the front. The longer back prevents the shirt from getting untucked when you sit down. These polos should be kept tucked in because the uneven lengths look unflattering if left out of the pants.

Pair it with a blazer

For a smart casual dress code, polos go best with a light blazer or an unstructured jacket. We don’t recommend a regular jacket because the combination will give a too ‘tough’ look and overwhelm the garment. However, when you wear a blazer over a polo. Ensure that the jacket is not crushing the collar of your polo. The polo collars are softer compared to regular shirts. Therefore you need to pay extra attention to them to remain in their original shape for a longer time.

The fitting trousers for the right occasion

If you are looking for a casual and chic look, wear your polo over a pair of cotton trousers or chinos. Throw a pair of trainers in the mix for a casual, relaxed look. This combination will look great as a summer office outfit if your workplace allows a semi-casual dress code. If you are wearing a blazer with your polo, prefer trousers over chinos for a balanced look.

The proper footwear to go with the polos

As mentioned initially, the top benefit of a polo shirt is that it can be dressed up and down according to the trousers and accessories you pair your polo shirt with. Polo shirts have become a popular staple in the sportswear category too. With the options to wear a polo as sportswear or a casual outfit, joggers come to mind as the best footwear for an overall cool and comfortable look.

Don’ts when you are wearing a polo

Popping your collar might seem fun if you are 16, but for a grown-up, it spoils the outfit’s elegance. So keep your collar gracefully down when you are wearing a polo as it just won’t do any good to your appearance.

 There was a time when wearing double polos over one another was deemed ‘cool.’ This idea very quickly lost its appeal. Although it does not look good, the primary reason to consider it as a big NO in “polo rules’ is the element of comfort.

Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to wear one polo over another. Since most of the polos are made from piqué, sturdier fabric than the regular cotton, wearing the double layer of this fabric is complete beyond sensibility. I cannot imagine why the trend existed at some point, if even for a short time. Wearing any kind of undershirt is also useless because it will only make you look bulkier. In winters, you can wear a blazer over them as suggested above, but wearing anything beneath the garment comes under the “don’t” category in polo ethics.

All in all, polo shirts are popular as versatile garments that all of us have in our wardrobe. They are most definitely a good choice if you want to maintain your elegance in your cool and casual look. If you wear your polos right and combine them with proper clothing, it can be an answer to your smart-casual look.

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