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The Rebel by D. J. Enright

The Rebel by DJ Enright Explanation

“The Rebel” by D. J. Enright is a Representative poem about those people who always act in a distinctive and abnormal way to assert their importance. In reacting and opposing others, they wish to become prominent and attractive. There every act is the motivation of self-assertion, exhibitionism, and individualism. Their queer attitude becomes a source of fun. They behave, talk, dress, like and dislike against the general and traditional ways of society.

When we go into the depth of the poem, we notice behind this rebellious attitude the psychological problems. Inferiority complex, is the hallmark of such attitude. However, the presence of the rebels in society is not bad as they give us variety, change and newness.

The poet humorously describes the fundamental characteristics of a rebellion character that he is non-conformist by nature. His actions are the self-assertion and individualistic motivation show of defiance. He acts by an unstructured urge to be different in an indifferent society. The cause of such behavior is either a sense of inferiority complex, insecurity, or self-exhibition. However, this sort of immaturity is a passing phase in a person’s growth towards maturity.

Final words…

The rebel acts against the general public. For instance, when people keep short hair the rebel will grow his hair long, and when the people have the fashion of growing hair long, the rebel cuts his hair short. On other occasions, if people make noise, the rebel keeps quiet. But if people are quit, the rebel causes a disturbance. Likewise, in the matters of wearing dresses, liking pets, weather, meeting people, and studying habits, the rebel projects his rebellious attitude. The rebel in a way is a blessing for society. He provokes new ideas and helps us to be different from a regimented crowd governed by a mass mind. Read more at

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