The Glass Menagerie: Critical Analysis

The Glass Menagerie : Critical Analysis

Tragic Hero In “The Glass Menagerie”

Of the characters in “The Glass Menagerie“, Laura’s situation is the most tragic. Tom can escape his circumstances by joining the Merchant Marines. Jim leaves the apartment and, apparently marries Betty and goes on with his life. Amanda is older and can still retain her memories of “Blue Mountain”. Laura, however, has never had a good life to be able to remember. She has always been terribly shy and obsessed with the idea that everyone notices the fact that she is crippled.

Tom recount what his life had become after leaving home. Tom cannot escape his memories of Laura and his own guilt for leaving her. His love for her and his understanding of her fragile and vulnerable life was all that that had kept him at home for as long as he had managed to stay. He was emotionally trapped at home, and he remained emotionally trapped after leaving. There is no escape for tom; he cannot escape his own character, no matter where he runs or what he does.

The Glass Menagerie Represent Reality

The one symbol that seems to represent reality is the picture of the father who is grinning during the entire play. He has been the only person to really escape his circumstances by running away from his family. the other major symbols, the glass collection, and the Unicom represent a fantasy world that Laura has created for herself. The fire escape, the only way out of the apartment, is also a symbol of illusion.

part of laura’s character profile has its roots in the personality of rose, Tennessee Williams’ sister and Amanda is a reflection of his mother Edvina. Brooding tom is probably a reflection of his mother Edvina. Brooding Tom is probably a reflection of Williams himself, who readily stated that he took to writing as a refuge from his own problems.

Tennese Williams Use The Distanciation Technique

Tennessee Williams uses the technique known as “breaking the fourth wall”. When a fictional character takes directly to the audience and thereby breaks through the invisible screen. What separates the audience from the characters, by having Tom speak to the audience.

When Tom addresses the audience, his speech is much more erudite and lofty than when he simply takes to Amanda, Laura, and Jim in the play. Whereas the speech throughout the play is natural, spontaneous dialogue. Tom’s language to the audience is a deliberate one. He takes a certain poetic license when narrating the story.

Tragic Hero

Tom is a tragic hero in “The Glass Menagerie”. He is trapped in a situation. That he can’t get out of. His position in the family is the breadwinner. He can’t get out of this situation without dramatically damaging his relationship with both his mother and his sister. Tom is particularly flawed when it comes to his sister.

Tragic hero Tom hates his job, and he longs for escape. When he is finally able to break free and physically leave his home and work, he discovered that it is not so easy to break the emotional ties, especially to his sister, Laura.

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