Flatfeet lies in the correct diagnosis

correct diagnosis

The cure of Flatfeet lies in the correct diagnosis of the condition and its treatment

After years of research and studies foot specialists have come up with ways to diagnose and treat this disease. Some ways of diagnosis are mentioned below-

The most common way of diagnosis is the process of manual examination in which the foot specialist in southbury CT will check the feet manually from front and back and while examination they might ask you to stand on your feet and then on your toes to examine the feet properly.

The next method is CT scans or ultrasounds which will help the doctor to examine the detailed and elaborated images of the feet and also with the help of screening tests the doctors will be able to determine injuries if any.

The other method is through X-rays which help the doctors to examine if there are any problems with the bone formation or basically to figure out if there are any bone deformities.

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The choice of treatment for flat feet after diagnosis is totally dependent upon the cause and extremity of the condition and some of the treatment methods are mentioned below-

The most common treatment is through regular exercises, these are specific exercises designed to cure flatfoot problems and the health caretaker guides the person on what to perform and when to perform for some unimaginable results. These exercises mostly include strengthening and flexibility moves like golf ball rolling and heel cord stretching.

One of the most effective of treating flatfeet is physiotherapy because it is known for treating musculoskeletal problems. And through the years it has been very effective for the people having flatfeet.

Effective Way Of Treating Flatfeet

Arch support is also an effective way of treating flatfeet. And doctors do suggest that a lot. In this method orthopaedic medical devices are suggested that help to reduce the flatness of the feet.

Medication is also a way of treating flatfoot and if required. The doctor may prescribe the medicines to cure this condition and elevate the pain. And discomfort caused by it and he may also suggest some lifestyle changes according to the condition.

Effective Treatment

The most complicated but effective treatment of this condition is surgery. And is used as a last resort when nothing works. This will only be recommended when the severity of the condition is at high levels. It is causing extreme pain and discomfort. And also when the consequences of this condition start to occur. Such as deformity of bones or tendon rupture or tear.

Flatfeet might seem harmless till a point in time but this condition can sometimes turn into a serious complications. When it is not treated at the right time. If you are experiencing some very distressful symptoms of this condition. Such as pain in the feet. Calves, and lower back if there is a difficulty in standing and it feels heavier. Uncomfortable that it is advisable to see a foot specialist as soon as possible to get the treatment before the condition worsens.

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