The Chatbots Are Taking Over

The Chatbots Are Taking Over

Are you ready to talk to your Chatbot? You’d better be because now it’s bye-bye to holding for the operator over the phones, and hello to Chatbots. In fact, the first robotic restaurant has already opened in Bhubaneshwar in India. AI(Artificial Intelligence) advances are allowing companies to know what you want, even before you know you want it, and enabling powerful new bots that seem to know you better than your closest relative.

What Are Chatbots?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were tiny robots that kept track of what you were thinking, then helped you implement your plans automatically? They exist and are called Chatbots. A chatbot is any type of program that “talks” to humans. You may think this is new, but actually, Chatbots have been around for a long time, since Eliza’s “Tell me More” in 1960 and AOL’s “Smarterchild” in 2000.

Chatbots Are Everywhere

Every industry is feeling the impact of Chatbots. It is said that the future of Chat bots lies in the Insurance Industry because they are so quick at gathering information and available 24/7 to give information to users. Your smart bot catches thieves and helps with fraudulent claims. The charming and cute bot brings new customers on board. They help brokers and not compete with them. They are certainly a more superior customer experience. The multi-talented Chatbot, helps you book a room in a hotel easily and quickly. It helps attract new customers. It answers all the exhausting questions so that employees can do other work. It can give answers much faster than any number of customer support agents and gets better at gathering information. 

Chat bots Are More Interesting Than Humans

What is so interesting about Chatbots and why are they catching on so fast? Chatbots not only inform you but engage you as well. They make funny conversations and keep the customers interested. The funniest part is when two Chatbots start talking to each other instead of the user like in internet gaming, eCommerce websites, and call centers. Whether you order pizza from Dominoes or coffee at Starbucks, Chatbots have stolen the thunder from customer service desks and taken customer experience to a new level.

Through humanlike conversations, they actually track human buying patterns and behavior. Although they replace humans, they beat everybody else at answering their customer’s queries. These are the hands that always go up first. Chatbots beat the companies at reaching out to customers. No wonder customers feel closer to the brand. It’s hard to think of a business without Chatbot. Especially after going viral on social media, we can bet on the fact that Chatbots are here to stay. 

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