The Best Graphics Cards for 2022

As you can see from Amazon’s pricing, the present condition of best graphics cards availability and cost is not typical. If you’re in the market for a new card, check out our buying guide for advice. If you can wait a little longer, check out our advice on how to maximize your current GPU.

Also, keep in mind that we’ve listed the best GPU for Ryzen 7 3700x depending on your desired gaming resolution. We’ve only included a small number of third-party cards in our analysis; there are plenty more out there. Our support for the GPU family as a whole may be shown in our single reference card recommendation.

Whether you’re a PC gamer or a multimedia creator, your video card influences what you can do with graphics-accelerated applications.

This guide will help you pick the finest video cards for your desktop PC and value them. If you’d want to know more about forthcoming trends, we’ll also discuss them. Consumer video cards may cost anywhere from as little as $100 to as much as $1,499. We will not allow you to overpay or underbuy.

Nvidia vs AMD: Who’s who in Graphics Processing Units?

What is a graphics card for? Do you really need one?

With the exception of gaming PCs, other components such as the CPU, RAM, and storage usually take precedence. The graphics acceleration incorporated into the CPU saves money on a low-cost PC (an “integrated graphics processor,” commonly called an “IGP”). Most corporate and consumer laptops and entry-level PCs need a graphics card to play games or generate content.

In a modern graphics system, an IGP or a separate video card may decode and decode visual material in applications and games. Every consumer discrete video card currently uses AMD or Nvidia’s large graphics processing units. These processors are called “GPUs,” or graphics processing units, and the graphics card is called a “GPU.” (Graphics cards…er, GPUs aren’t simple!)

Both companies provide “reference designs” for their video cards, which are standardized versions of cards based on particular GPUs. Consumers may buy Nvidia’s reference-design graphics cards directly from Nv (or, less often, by AMD).

Until “Founders Edition” signified nothing more than slightly higher clock rates and good build quality for Nvidia’s own brand of cards. Their designs are more conservative than third-party options, which allow for more severe overclocking or modification.

Nvidia’s new Founders Edition cards

Nvidia’s new Founders Edition cards defy common thought in the most radical way possible. Thanks to “push-pull” cooling, the new RTX 20 Series GPUs are 50% smaller than the previous generation. In terms of performance, Nvidia’s RTX 30 Series Founders Edition GPUs are a cut above the others.

Nvidia’s Founders Edition GPUs are now smaller, lighter, and faster than ever before. It’s possible that AMD and Nvidia’s “board partners” (like Asus) may develop reference cards based on reference cards. Board partners may produce customized devices with different cooling fan designs, factory overclocking, or features like LED mood lighting. Some board partners will supply both the conventional version of a GPU and their own, more radical versions.

Its cooling and power efficiency are inferior to the current-generation Founders Edition GPUs.

What Use Is There for a Separate GPU?

IGPs, as previously stated, are a kind of integrated graphics. Today, IGPs are able to suit the demands of the majority of end-users, with three exclusions in particular.

Professionals who use workstations for professional purposes

Those who use CAD applications or video editing software will still benefit from a specialized graphics card. In certain of their most critical applications, they may utilize the GPU’s resources instead of (or in addition to) the CPUs. Whether or if this is faster depends on the software, the GPU and CPU you already have, and so on.

Users who are focused on getting things done use many monitors. A separate GPU may help those who require a lot of monitors.

But a high-end graphics card isn’t necessary. It is sufficient to have a graphics card that meets the screen size and resolution requirements. A GeForce RTX 3080 with three web browsers has no benefit over a GeForce GTX 1660 with the same outputs.


Finally, we have gamers that place a high value on the graphics processing unit (GPU). It’s hard to select between a 2018 high-end machine and the most expensive high-end GPU on the market.

Graphics cards are divided into two categories: consumer cards for gaming and light content creation, and professional cards for scientific computing, calculation, and AI. We’ll focus on the former in this guide and our reviews, but we’ll include workstation cards later. These include Nvidia’s Titan and Quadro (now RTX A-Series) and AMD’s Radeon Pro and Radeon Instinct. Nvidia dominates both markets at the high end.

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