Departure and arrival poem by ts elliot translation review analysis summary

Departure and Arrival by T. S. Eliot (Analysis & Summary)

“Departure and Arrival” by T.S. Eliot is a beautiful blend of realism and idealism along with the confusion of modern man. Realism remains on earth whereas idealism is sky-high. The poet e...

World Stage William Shakespeare Poem Translation Summary

All The World’s A Stage by William Shakespeare (An Analysis)

┘░In this poem “All The World’s A Stage”, William Shakespeare compares the entire world to a theatrical stage, where all the men and women play their allotted role. Every man has to p...

leisure by william henry davies

Leisure by William Davies (An Analysis)

“Leisure” by William Davies is a thought-provoking poem. The title of the poem “Leisure” is ironic as it denotes the idea of relaxation i.e., perfect peace but modern man is fu...