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Sally Rooney's novel, Beautiful World Where Are You

Beautiful World: We Want To Mesmerize Ourself

Sally Rooney’s latest novel Sally Rooney’s most recent novel, Beautiful World Where Are You, takes nearly its full length to out of nowhere snap its numerous unique pieces – far-fetched and hesi...

girl with braided hair standing while carrying boy wearing beige long sleeved top

Africa (By Maya Angelou) – Analysis

Thus she had lain, sugarcane sweetdeserts her hair, golden her feetmountains her breasts, two Niles her tears.Thus she has lain, Black through the years.Over the white seas, rime white and coldbrigand...

Woman Work by Maya Angelou Summary Analysis

Woman Work by Maya Angelou (An Analysis)

“Woman Work” by Maya Angelou is a painful description of chores. The poetess has got the responsibility to look after the whole house internally as well as externally. She has to do a lot ...