john donne holy sonnet 10

At the round earths imagin’d corners by John Donne Fictionistic

At The Round Earth’s Imagin’d Corners – Poem Critical Analysis

Opening of Poem At the round earths imagin’d corners, blowYour trumpets, Angells, and arise, ariseFrom death, you nuberlesse infinitesOf soules, an to your scattred bodies goe,All whom the flood did, ...

This Is My Play’s Last Scene - John Donne

This Is My Play’s Last Scene – Critical Analysis & Explanation

Paraphrase of Poem This is the last scene of the drama of my life. According to my destiny, I have reached the last mile of my journey’s end. My life has been like a running race; I have run the race ...

John Donne Poetry Biography

Twickenham Garden by John Donne – Detailed Analysis & Explanation

Critical Appreciation Twickenham Garden is a sonorous (resonant; high-sounding) and thoughtful lyric. Who has been addressed in the poem Twickenham Garden? It was most probably addressed to the Counte...

The Anniversaries by John Donne Fictionistic

The Anniversary by John Donne – Critical Analysis

This poem “The Anniversaries” also known as “The Anniversary”, was written by John Donne on their first wedding anniversary. It is basically addressed to his wife Anne Moore. O...

A Valediction Forbidden Mourning by Donne

A Valediction Forbidden Mourning by Donne – Critical Analysis

The poem “A Valediction Forbidden Mourning” was written by John Donne when he was leaving for Europe and his wife was staying at home. Both were in great love for each other and now they w...

Good Friday, 1613 Riding Westward

Good Friday, 1613 Riding Westward – Critical Analysis

Good Friday, 1613 Riding Westward, is a religious poem, which was written by John Donne two years before his ordination in the Anglican Church. This is basically a personal poem in which he makes his ...

A Nocturnal upon St. Lucy's Day

A Nocturnal upon St. Lucy’s Day – Critical Analysis

The word nocturnal means events or happenings during the night. Donne’s poem “A Nocturnal upon St. Lucy’s Day” contains his various thoughts and impressions on the night of Luc...

The Ecstasy John Donne

The Ecstasy Poem – An Appraisal & Critical Analysis

John Donne in this poem “The Ecstasy” highlights the dual rule of love: physical as well as spiritual. Basically, the poem deals with the relationship of the body with that of the soul in ...

Air and Angels John Donne Poem

Air and Angels by Donne – Critical Analysis and Appraisal

The love poem “Air and Angels” stirs our imagination that the idea of platonic love, though holy and spiritual but is baseless. Donne does not believe in the blind worship of his idol of love and nor ...

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