A Few Reflections


The Right Time To Die The other day I went to attend a reception party. It was of a colleague’s son’s marriage. So many colleagues there hopping party to party–it was heavy ‘lagan’ that day. The conversation over vegetable soup (that colleague is strictly, genetically & genealogically VEGETARIAN) was going on. Other colleagues were religiously …

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A Tryst with Ker

A Tryst with Ker

Why A Tryst With Ker? Why not a tryst with Venus, the love goddess- why a tryst with Ker, the female demon of death? But the data show that globally every year almost 800000 people commit suicide. Everyone has to enter the valley of death, death, the leveler is irrevocable still it seems unbelievable that anyone …

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Hunza Valley Pakistan History

All glory to nature for gifting magical beauty to the land of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). GB provides a complex cultural and geographical mosaic for travelers from around the globe, accentuated by topographical complexity, seasonal changes, and ethnic heterogeneity. GB has a meager population of 1.4 million but, oddly, people with special pronunciation understand 10 different languages …

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